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THE ZOOMING 60s: The start of Stittsville’s explosive growth

Last month we learned that Stittsville’s population is now estimated to top 30,000 residents, en route to 70,000 in the next few decades.

That reminded me of an article from February 3, 1960 in the Ottawa Citizen: Stittsville Goes Zoom. I came across it recently when I was doing some research on a related topic. It’s a fascinating look back at how the community struggled with many of the same issues we continue to deal with today. Continue reading


FUTURE STITTSVILLE: Lots of new roads planned for our area


Remember that scene in Back to the Future, when Doc says to Marty: “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”  

The opposite is true for Future Stittsville. Our village is expanding from about 30,000 today to over 70,000 in 2031, and the rapid growth here and in areas south like Richmond is already putting a strain on road infrastructure.  Continue reading