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New site plan control for auto body shop on Hazeldean

There’s a new site plan control application posted for an auto body shop at 6801 Hazeldean Road, west of Stittsville near Jinkinson.

There’s been a sign at that location for a while that proclaims it as the new location for Kanata Collision, currently located near Sweetnam.  (This property is just outside of Stittsville’s boundaries and is part of Rideau-Goulbourn ward.)

From the application summary:

The subject property is located at the northeast corner of the Jinkinson Road and Hazeldean Road Intersection… There is currently a single detached house on the subject property, which is proposed to be demolished. The site is bounded by vacant land to the north, the Permacon Inc. Concrete facility to the east, Hazeldean Road and vacant land to the south and vacant land to the east.

The proposal is to develop the site with an automobile body repair shop with associated office, parking, landscaping, private well and septic system. The site is proposed to be developed in two phases, with this application pertaining to the first phase of development. There will be a significant portion of land at the rear property that will remain undeveloped until Phase II, which will be for an expansion to the building and parking area.

The proposed development, for this application, is for a one storey building with a footprint of 598 square meters incorporating 519 square meters of automobile body shop and 79 square meters of office space and seating area. A 68 square meter open canopy is proposed along the eastern side of the building for client car drop off. The access is proposed to be from Hazeldean Road. A total of 34 parking spaces are proposed, including two barrier free parking spaces. Outdoor client vehicle storage and  a loading space are proposed to be located at the rear of the building. A six metre landscape buffer along the eastern property line is proposed to retain existing mature vegetation where possible.


You can read more about the application here…



Commercial development proposed for corner of Huntley and Fallowfield

The City has received a zoning bylaw amendment request that would allow a commercial building at 2403 Huntley Road at Fallowfield, across the street from Karters’ Korner.

The site is currently zoned as “RU” (Rural Countryside), and the applicant wants it change to “RC” (Rural Commercial, Sub- Zone RC11). Here’s some of the rationale offered by the applicant:

– There are very few purely rural (in the sense of “agricultural”) properties within the vicinity of this site, which is actually surrounded by residential, industrial and commercial uses.

- Growth and development in the Stittsville community is inexorably moving eastward toward this site, but there is currently very little general commercial in the immediate area. A number of small business owners, representing clean, non-industrial enterprises, have already expressed an interest in this proposed commercial venue, as discussed below.

- The site is located at an intersection which already sees significant Stittsville-related traffic. A new small-scale commercial development here would be consistent with the existing traffic load.

- The Owner’s proactive invitation for feedback from the surrounding community elicited some cautious support, strong advice to avoid certain incompatible occupancies (in particular, any “gas station”), and no strong opposition.

- The Owner’s intent is to develop an upscale, high-quality facility which will complement and enhance Stittsville’s traditional “village” character.

You can read all about it here. City staff are accepting comments on the proposal.

2403 Huntley map


Neighbourhood no place for wrecking yard, say residents

(ABOVE: Neighbours Susan Schaefer (left) & Joan McCagg. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Three years ago, the Cash For Trash auto wrecking yard opened on Flewellyn Road, much to the displeasure of nearby homeowners. The operation appears to be in compliance with by-laws and environmental regulations, but a fire on July 8 brought resident concerns to the forefront again.


THE CLOCK HADN’T EVEN STRUCK NOON ON JULY 8 when 73-year-old Joan McCagg saw the thick, dark billowing smoke from her porch.

“When the fire started … I was going to go in town because we needed coffee and needed cigarettes. It was about 11 o’clock and I looked out and saw  the smoke. I went out and looked, and called my son. He came out and I said ‘it’s a fire, isn’t it?’ and he said ‘oh yeah, it’s a fire,'” McCagg says. Continue reading


Rural affairs committee to vote on zoning for new Fernbank quarry

(Above: Location of the proposed Taggart quarry near Fernbank and Jinkinson. The Trans Canada Trail is along the north of the site. Via Bing Maps.)

UPDATE: ARAC approved the zoning application on Thursday. It will now go to City Council for approval.


The City’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) will vote on Thursday on a zoning change that would allow Taggart Construction to operate a new quarry on Fernbank Road. Continue reading


Power outage in Munster/Ashton area due to supply issues from Hydro One

Update 9:20pm:

Hydro Ottawa is experiencing a power outage in the Munster Village, Aston Village and surrounding s. area.
The cause of the outage is: Currently under investigation.
Hydro Ottawa crews are: Performing emergency switching to restore service to all possible affected customers.
The estimated time of restoration is: 2015-03-21 10:00 pm.
441 customers are affected.

Hydro Ottawa's outage map as of 7:55pm
Hydro Ottawa’s outage map as of 7:55pm

Power is out on a frigid Saturday night for over 1,200 customers southwest of Stittsville including Munster, Ashton and surrounding areas. Hydro Ottawa tells StittsvilleCentral.ca that the outage is due to Hydro One’s supply outage at the Beckwith Station. A pole fire in that area has left nearly 6,000 people in Carleton Place without power as well.

Some residents in Rideau-Goulbourn have been without power since around 10:00am this morning. Continue reading