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WTF are PXOs? All about the city’s new pedestrian crossovers

(PHOTO: The City will be adding even more signage to roundabouts as part of their new PXO or “Pedestrian Crossover” program. The signs are up at Huntmar-Rosehill, waiting to be unveiled later this month.)

Ottawa drivers are just too polite for roundabouts.

In most jurisdictions, cars have the right of way over pedestrians at a roundabout.  But City of Ottawa studies suggest that 50-70% of vehicles are currently yielding to pedestrians as a courtesy, even though they’re not supposed to.

By the end of this month, the city will soon be lifting the veil at the Huntmar-Rosehill roundabout on what they’re calling “PXOs” or “pedestrian crossovers”.  It’s part of a bid to make roundabouts and other road crossings safer for pedestrians.  (UPDATE: The roundabout at Fernbank and Shea, as well as Robert Grant Ave. will also be converted to include PXOs.) Continue reading


What’s happening with the Maple Grove link to Jackson Trails?

Today, the west end of Maple Grove Road is just a dead-end dumping ground for construction waste and dog poop bags. Someday, it could be a road connection to Stittsville Main Street.

It’s an idea that’s been talked about for several years, and it shows up from time to time on planning maps, but there’s no specific timeline.

It came up recently during the discussions about Minto’s Potter’s Key subdivision. Some homeowners in Jackson Trails have suggested that Maple Grove could provide a second exit from their community, although many residents don’t want it opened up just yet. Continue reading


LETTER: Hold planning staff accountable for “epic fail”

Re: Qadri and planners get rough ride over Johnwoods “proposal”

As a former political staffer to Bob Chiarelli from 1987 – 1990 and again in 1999, I have seen some great work down by bureaucrats at the provincial level and at the former Region of Ottawa-Carleton (ROC). I went out of my way to thank staff when they were of assistance to the MPP and then Regional Chair as well as helping me in my role. Continue reading


Planning department apologizes over Johnwoods consultation

The City of Ottawa’s Planning Department has issued a 6-page document on the Johnwoods road closure, including an apology for poor communication with residents on the issue.

Councillor Shad Qadri shared the document as part of his weekly newsletter, two days after a raucous and well-attended public meeting where residents took Qadri and planners to task for not being adequately consulted on the plan. Continue reading


Qadri and planners get rough ride over Johnwoods “proposal”

UPDATE: Planning staff apologizes over Johnwoods consultation

What we had here was a failure to communicate.

I was one of about 100 people who showed up at a public meeting tonight at Johnny Leroux Arena to hear about the city’s plans to convert the north end of Johnwoods into a linear park and bike path. Continue reading


LETTER: Kids deserve to be safe from traffic on residential streets

I was hit crossing the street in Ottawa, at Richmond and Churchill in Westboro. I was between the white lines and I had the light. I made sure the car saw me (she looked at me and stopped so I began to cross). Sadly she did not register my presence, proceeded and hit the gas by accident when she realized she was going to hit me and the stroller I was pushing.
Continue reading


More about what the law says on street hockey

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

In a motion for Council consideration at its meeting of May 23, 2007, Councillor Doucet recommended that ball hockey on residential streets be permissible, as long as the free flow of traffic is maintained, and that staff consult with the public concerning what other child-friendly, community-friendly activities could be considered as acceptable public uses of city sidewalks and streets. Continue reading


LETTER: Photo radar is a common sense way to reduce speed

(This letter was written in response to comments from Councillor Shad Qadri in his March 11 newsletter to residents.)

Photo radar is just another tool to deter speeding and make our roads safer. Speeding and aggressive driving is an ongoing problem in the Fairwinds community as it is across the city. Continue reading


LINKED: Council to discuss road tolls

From the Ottawa Citizen: Council puts road tolls on the transportation agenda

Road tolls could be part of the next transportation master plan if council agrees to study how fees could reduce traffic congestion and pay for maintenance.

Local politicians will turn their minds to road tolls next month because a downtown councillor wants the city to research the potential of charging motorists to use roads in Ottawa. 

Capital Coun. David Chernushenko, the environment buff fresh off ushering through a new climate change policy at City Hall, wanted to drive through his proposal this week at the end of a transportation committee meeting, only to have the brakes applied by colleagues around the table. Instead, it will be up for discussion at a meeting in April.

Continue reading


QADRI: Here’s why bright lights are alright

From Councillor Shad Qadri’s email newsletter:

Recently my office received an inquiry regarding the brightness of the street lights along the new Robert Grant Avenue. The street is designated as an Arterial Main Street. This is one of the highest roadway designations within the city. In accordance with the city Right of Way Policy, it was designed to an average of 17 lux.

As the adjacent lands are undeveloped and the whiteness of Winter enhances the appearance of the roadway lighting. LED’s used in this design are more efficient, direct more light on the roadway with greater uniformity, with less spill light, and consume less energy than if a conventional source lamp. If used, the conventional lamp source, would also been a “white light” source.

Due to the lighting criteria for this roadway the source of light cannot be diminished. To do so would place the city in position of liability.


Dedicated left turn lane coming soon to Huntmar-Maple Grove

The verdict is in for the new lane configuration for the lights at Huntmar and Maple Grove.

Councillor Shad Qadri wrote in his weekly newsletter that he’s asking City staff reconfigure the northbound lane markings to allow for a dedicated left-turn lane plus a shared straight/right-turn.  The bike lane will be removed.  (Lanes in the other direction stay the same.) Continue reading


FUTURE STITTSVILLE: Lots of new roads planned for our area


Remember that scene in Back to the Future, when Doc says to Marty: “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”  

The opposite is true for Future Stittsville. Our village is expanding from about 30,000 today to over 70,000 in 2031, and the rapid growth here and in areas south like Richmond is already putting a strain on road infrastructure.  Continue reading


Abbott Street expected to be connected to Robert Grant by year’s end

Councillor Shad Qadri provided this update about construction on Abbott Street in his weekly email newsletter:

Construction has been underway to extent Abbott Street East at Iber Road eastward to connect with Robert Grant Avenue. The contractor for the road works in this area has advised that assuming weather conditions continue with reasonable temperatures and no snow, they currently anticipate paving works for Abbott, Robert Grant, and Fernbank to be complete by November 20th, 2015 however the new signals on Fernbank will not be activated until December 7th, 2015. Once the paving and road painting is completed it is anticipate the intersection will be open shortly after that time.

This new road connection will provide access to the new French Catholic High School, École secondaire catholique Paul Desmarais which is anticipated to be opened in February 2016. This school will provide instruction to a large catchment of students in the Stittsville and Kanata communities.


Detour due to emergency sewer work on Stittsville Main this weekend

(via city councillor Shad Qadri)

This is to notify you that the City of Ottawa Sewer and Water Department have flagged an emergency sewer repair matter that needs immediate attention on Stittsville Main Street between Abbott Street and Beverly Street (in front of Bradley Insurance) on the east side of the road. Continue reading


Hope Side Road in Kanata closed until July 27

(Press release from the City of Ottawa)

Hope Side Road will be closed between Eagleson Road and Richmond Road beginning Friday, July 17 at 7 p.m. and ending Monday, July 27 at 6 a.m. The closure is necessary to allow for the reconstruction of the Monahan Drain Stormwater Facility.

A signed detour will divert motorists to Fallowfield Road for the duration of the closure.

With all of the construction-related activities underway, residents are encouraged to be flexible with commuting times, stagger work hours or use alternative means for travel. The public is asked to consider options such as transit, walking, cycling or carpooling.

During construction, there will be a greater need for all road users to share the road in a safe manner. When navigating through a detour or a construction area, be cautious and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists. Signage along the detour will emphasize the need to slow down and share the road.

The City of Ottawa has tools to help motorists and transit users plan their routes and manage their commute, including:

Further details and other information concerning City road works are available on ottawa.ca.