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Rogers is upgrading infrastructure along Stittsville Main

(Update from city councillor Shad Qadri.)

This proposed Rogers work is an upgrade to the existing system with 803m of conduit installed by trenching and boring.  All the work is on Stittsville Main Street, mostly on the east side, between Hobin Street and Neil Avenue.  The work will commence as soon as the approval is given and take approximately 3 months. This is an extension of the work that was done in 2013.


Rogers Wireless says they’ve improved service in Stittsville, but customers have mixed reviews

(Updated Saturday, January 10.)

Several readers contacted us in the last week to say that they’ve noticed their Rogers Wireless service has improved in Stittsville.

Last fall, we asked readers to rate their Rogers service on a map.  The results showed that customers were experiencing poor data and voice service throughout most of Stittsville, especially on the western edge of our community. Continue reading


Rogers customers frustrated by poor cell service

(Photo: Peter Hanschke in front of his home west of Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Glen Gower.)

Peter Hanschke has been a Stittsville resident for 31 years and a Rogers customer for over a decade.  He says he’s never been impressed with their cell phone service.

“To get reception, you have to be at the front of the house, near the bay window, angled just properly, so that people can hear you clearly. I started a consulting business out of my home here, and trying to do calls on my cell for business is embarrassing, it just doesn’t work,” he says.

“It’s always been poor quality, but back when it first came out you could understand it, Stittsville was a pretty small community,” he says.
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