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PHOTOS & UPDATE: The Bradley-Craig Farm, October 2017

Thank you to Mandy Hambly for sharing these beautiful photos of the Bradley-Craig Farm on Hazeldean Road. The sunset photos were taken on October 26, and the photo of the barn reflected in water is from earlier in the month.

Sunset over the Bradley Craig Farm, October 26. Photo by Mandy Hambly.
Sunset over the Bradley Craig Farm, October 26. Photo by Mandy Hambly.

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LINKED: New witches’ haunt added to Saunders Farm this year

John Curry reports in the Stittsville News:

Witches are being added to the haunting brew at Saunders Farm this fall.

“The Coven,” a Salem witch-themed indoor and outdoor haunt, is the largest new haunt added at Saunders Farm at Munster in the past five years.

Open during the daytime as a Witches Village and at night as a full-blown haunt, the Coven features a swamp, a forest and an old witch’s house that features a maze of rooms. And since a coven traditionally refers to a gathering of witches, you can bet just from the name of this haunt that you are going to run into numerous witches as you make your way through the house.

Mark Saunders explains that the Coven marks a return by Saunders Farm to a classic traditional Halloween haunt, this one related to the famous Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts in the 1690s when 20 people were actually executed for witchcraft.

The idea of the Coven came from Mark’s conversations with a friend of his in the United Kingdom who developed a witch-themed haunt with a swamp concept. Saunders Farm has been able to add a forest setting to such a haunt idea. The Coven at Saunders Farm has been totally constructed on the site by Saunders Farm’s own carpenters and staff.

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NOTEBOOK: Stories we’re watching in 2017

Let’s take out the crystal ball and look ahead at what 2017 may have in store for Stittsville…

Earlier this year we should hear from the Ottawa Senators about what they have in mind for Canadian Tire Centre once the Sens leave for Lebreton Flats. Last year, team owner Eugene Melnyk teased that the development would be an “entertainment-driven” transformation.  Whatever it is, any change will have a major impact on Stittsville and Kanata for jobs, transportation and economic development. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Ecole Paul-Desmarais opens next week, new Gaia Java owners, more

ECOLE PAUL-DESMARAIS OPENS MONDAY: It’s been a busy week of preparation at Stittsville’s new French Catholic high school. Students toured the school this week (photo above) to find their new lockers and get ready for the first full school day on Monday.  (The official opening will be on Thursday, February 4.) Continue reading


NUSSBAUM: Hazeldean road development ‘rather disappointing’

Here’s a transcript of two statements made by city councillors at last week’s Built Heritage Sub-Committee during a debate about the future of the Bradley-Craig farmstead.  The first is from Tobi Nussbaum, the committee’s chair, and the second is from Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri.  The committee ended up voting to deny an application to demolish the barn and move it to Munster, although that decision could be overturned when Planning Committee reviews the file on January 26. Photo above by Barry Gray.

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NOTEBOOK: Bradley-Craig recap, electric vehicle charge stations

The motion at Thursday’s Built Heritage Sub-Committee was a bit wordy: “That the Built Heritage Sub-Committee recommend that Planning Committee recommend that Council refuse the application to demolish the Bradley/Craig Barn, 590 Hazeldean Road.”

But after over two hours of public presentations and debate, the decision was clear: the committee voted 4-2 to support the motion, refusing the application to demolish the Bradley-Craig barn and move it to Munster.

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Saunders Farm statement on Bradley-Craig barn

(press release via Saunders Farm)

Our mission here at Saunders Farm is to create amazing fun, food and memories, and our vision is to be the most amazing family farm in the world.

As a long-standing member of the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association- an association of leading farms that sell directly to their customers – and Ontario Farm Fresh- the equivalent Ontario association- we have travelled all over the U.S., Canada and the U.K. to visit farms and to seek inspiration and ideas.  And hundreds of farmers have travelled from around the world to our Farm in Munster to seek similar inspiration.   Continue reading


Owner of Bradley-Craig barn wants to move it to Munster

(Photo: Bradley-Craig Barn, October 2015.  Photo by Barry Gray.)

On Monday, the City of Ottawa’s Built Heritage Sub-Committee will consider an application to dismantle the landmark Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean Road and move it 20 kilometres away to Saunders Farm in Munster.

City staff have recommended that the committee refuse the demolition application.  The barn and the land are owned by Richcraft. (The brick farmhouse would remain “as is” under the developer’s plan.) Continue reading


VIDEO: Saunders Farm welcomes 1,000,000th visitor

Last weekend, Saunders Farm welcomed their 1,000,000th visitor and awarded the Latour and Bimm Families passes for life to the attraction.

For a bit more about the history of Saunders farm and how they turned a strawberry farm into one of Ottawa’s biggest family attractions, you should read this article by Bruce Firestone in the Ottawa Business Journal.