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PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL: Catching up on homework

(PHOTO: Jennifer Smith (left) and Jenny Guth stand on one of the possible sites for the new school, at the south west corner of Robert Grant and Cope. The two parents have been active organizers in the push for a public high school.)

I’ve been catching up on a few loose ends from last Tuesday’s meeting about building a public high school in Stittsville. Now I’m finally ready to turn in my homework.

Here are some updates on support from politicians, possible locations for the school, and how the Ministry of Education decides what to fund.

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COMMENT: Public high school is about giving parents a real choice

A public high school for Stittsville has finally hit #1 on the public school board’s priority list.

At tonight’s Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) meeting, parents, trustees, the local councillor and even a representative from Jack Maclaren’s office were all singing from the same songbook. Now we’ll see if the Ministry of Education joins in. Continue reading


No funding for Stittsville public high school this year

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals announced $41-million in funding on Friday afternoon for school construction projects in Ottawa, but nothing for a new public high school in Stittsville.

The Stittsville public high school project had been ranked #2 on the public board’s list of priorities for new construction or renovations.  It’s been on the board’s top ten list for years. Continue reading


More public pressure is needed to get a high school, says Scott

(Above: Public board trustee Lynn Scott.)

Over 50 people were at Johnny Leroux Arena Thursday night to hear the latest about the push for a public high school in Stittsville.

A dozen buses a day transport Stittsville teenagers to South Carleton High School in Richmond.  For nearly 10 years, the public school board has identified a Stittsville high school as a priority, but so far they have not received funding from the province.  The project currently #2 on the board’s priority list. Continue reading


Munster Elementary to remain open, for now

Public school board trustee Lynn Scott says she’s concerned about the viability of delivering an effective program at Munster Elementary School next year.

“Given the small numbers of students, especially in some grades, it will be difficult to organize the classes to optimize instruction for the students,” she wrote in an email to StittsvilleCentral.ca.

At last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Scott put forward a motion to close the school and redirect students to either A. Lorne Cassidy or Richmond Public School starting in 2015-2016.  The committee voted against the motion, meaning that Munster Elementary will continue to operate as an English-only school next year.

“The vote last night means that the Committee of the Whole is sending no recommendation regarding Munster to the Board for ratification,” says Scott. “Unless someone gives notice of raising the motion again at Board, or offering a different motion, no action will be taken, and we will be left with status quo for Munster.”

“At this point, given the vote last night, I’m not inclined to try to move the motion again, but I haven’t yet completely decided yet.  If Munster stays status quo, I’m very concerned for next year.”The school currently has the lowest enrolment of any public school in Ottawa: only 54 students in a school that has capacity for 219.

More reviews of school boundaries and population projections are expected to be conducted in the upcoming months.


Stittsville school board trustee results

Here are the unofficial results as of Monday night.

Public School Board (english)

Lynn Scott
Lynn Scott
Candidate Votes %
Sue Grant 5423 32.95
Andrea Ingham 828 5.03
Todd Johnson 1982 12.04
Lynn Scott 8225 49.98
Eligible voters: 57230
Vote Tabulators: 700/700
Ballots cast: 25315
Turnout %: 44.23

Catholic School Board (english)
John Curry
John Curry
Candidate Votes %
John Curry 4034 54.92
Ken Gordon 1398 19.03
Christine Pastien 1339 18.23
Martin Tate 574 7.81
Eligible voters: 75886
Vote Tabulators: 700/700
Ballots cast: 33829
Turnout %: 44.58
Public School Board (french)
Linda Savard
Linda Savard
Candidate Votes %
Patricia Chehadé 208 17.13
Linda Savard 1006 82.87
Eligible voters: 172391
Vote Tabulators: 700/700
Ballots cast: 69795
Turnout %: 40.49
Catholic School Board (french)
André Thibodeau
André Thibodeau
Candidate Votes %
Jacques Boyer 603 33.78
André Thibodeau 1182 66.22
Eligible voters: 128419
Vote Tabulators: 700/700
Ballots cast: 52947
Turnout %: 41.23