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OCT 25: Information session about Huffing And Puffing Ottawa Seniors Fitness

Huffing And Puffing Ottawa Seniors Fitness Association (HAPO SFA), in conjunction with Ale Amberwood Lounge & Eatery, are Hosting a Coffee & Tea Information Session, to be held @ the Ale Lounge on the 25th of October 2017 @ 2:00pm.

HAPO SFA is affiliated with Huff N’ Puff SFA which is a Non Profit Association for Seniors providing both numerous social & fitness programs. HNF SFA in London, Ontario is a highly successful SFA which provides programs and Fitness facilities to over 2000 London Ontario Seniors. The North London Optimist Centre has just undergone a refurbishment of their facilities, which is to a great extent been made possible by the money generated by the HNP patronage. London HNP uses 3 major facilities and numerous other facilities, including ice rinks, sports parks, schools, legions, curling arenas, etc. Please visit thier web site to see more about thier programs and facilities: http://www.huffnpuffsfa.com/


Firefighters praise quick-thinking staff at retirement residence

(via Ottawa Fire Services)

Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) received a call from staff at 6:21 a.m. indicating that there was heavy smoke in a unit of a Retirement Residence.  Crews made their way to the 1300 block of Stittsville Main Street.

Upon their arrival, firefighters confirmed that evacuation of residents was already underway by staff.  Some firefighters were tasked to assist with the evacuation while others made their way to the fire unit.  Crews confirmed items had ignited in a microwave in a resident’s room which caused fire and ample amounts of smoke. Continue reading


JUNE 27: Public consultation on Extendicare long-term care facility

(Notice of Public Consultation)

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is reviewing the issuance of a licence undertaking to Extendicare (Canada) Inc. (the “Licensee”) for the development of a replacement home for Extendicare West End Villa (the “Home”), currently a 240-bed long-term care (LTC) home located at 2179 Elmira Drive in Ottawa, Ontario. This transaction includes the: Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Pickleball, putting green part of proposed park plan

Shuffleboard, pickleball, a covered picnic table, a bocce court and a putting green are all part of a “age-friendly” park being proposed for the corner of Stittsville Main Street between Hazeldean Road and Neil Avenue.

Think of it as a playground for seniors.  The park would be adjacent to the new Hazeldean Gardens retirement home, surrounding the existing “Welcome to Stittsville” sign. Continue reading


LINKED: Heartsick couple in their 90s separated by province’s rules

From Bruce Deachman in the Ottawa Citizen:

When Nancy Burgoin spoke to a nurse this week following her father’s first full day at Granite Ridge Care Community, a long-term healthcare facility in Stittsville, she was surprised to hear he’d spent much of his time in his walker, navigating the hallways.

After all, she says, at 94 and legally blind in one eye, Norman Davis typically leans to a more sedentary lifestyle.

But then she discovered exactly why her dad was out on the prowl: he was searching for his 91-year-old wife, Mae. “He couldn’t find her,” the nurse reported.

Norman and Mae Davis married on June 9, 1945, just a month after VE-Day, vowing then that only unto death would they part. He was 22, she was 19, and that end part probably seemed a lifetime away. Yet now, more than 70 years later and for the first time in their married lives, they live apart.

Sadly, the situation will likely worsen before it improves: because of provincial regulations regarding long-term healthcare facilities, Norman and Mae will remain separated for at least three more months, an absence Burgoin fears her heartsick father may not survive.

The reality of the couple’s possible separation came a week before Christmas, when they were living at a seniors’ residence in Stittsville. A room had freed up at Granite Ridge at the same time Mae’s name — but not Norman’s — reached the top of the waiting list.

Upon hearing the news, Norman, sitting at the kitchen table, said only, “Huh. So this is what society has come to. They’re going to separate us.”

Read the full article…


LETTER: How a “Huffing And Puffing” program will benefit seniors

ABOVE: Roger Morris wants to use a successful recreation program from London, Ontario as a model for a similar initiative in Ottawa.

Until moving to Stittsville, last summer, I was an active member of the Huff n’ Puff Seniors Fitness Association, of London, Ontario. This umbrella organisation provides both social and physical activities for seniors, while using the city’s facilities, during the low peak facility hours. Their programs run mainly Monday through Thursday and provide a vast array of activities for seniors.

My plan is to bring the London format of Huff’n’Puff to Ottawa in the name of Huffing And Puffing Ottawa (HAPO) Seniors Fitness Association. Continue reading


New medical lab opens on Stittsville Main

Rapid population growth and a large senior population convinced Dynacare to open a new medical lab on Stittsville Main Street.

The new location at 1609 Stittsville Main Street (next to Greco)  opened Monday, with a staff of three.

Manager Linda Poulin tells StittsvilleCentral.ca the clinic hired local people to staff it and plans to expand the operation as it acquires more patients. She says it currently only offers bloodwork and sample testing. Continue reading


Celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Monkey in Kanata

via the Kanata Chinese Seniors Support Centre (KCSSC)

We are pleased to inform you that the 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration Event will be held on February 14, 2016 (Sunday) from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm at the Richcraft Recreation Complex, 4101 Innovation Drive in Kanata. All communities are invited to join us for Chinese cultural displays, a lion dance performance, entertainment, family games, food fest and lucky draws.

The Chinese New Year Event in 2014 was very well-received and attracted thousands of people from the community to celebrate it with us. Riding on the success of the previous year, we are expecting an even larger attendance in 2016.

This annual celebration event is organized by the Kanata Chinese Seniors Support Centre (KCSSC), a non-profit organization, with the aim of bridging communities through community events like celebrating Chinese New Year and other festivals.

KCSSC is one of the most active seniors’ communities in Kanata. Since its inception in 2012, we have been rendering support to Chinese seniors and their families in Kanata and surrounding areas to adapt and integrate into the mainstream.   KCSSC has also been actively promoting altruism among our seniors through community and volunteer work, like regular visits to seniors’ residences, the EPIC Walk for Cancer Care, Cleaning the Capital, and others, so that our seniors can experience the joy and satisfaction of being able to help others.

We are also recruiting youth volunteers for this event. Please contact Wen Jean Ho at 613-4403788 or email kcssc@kcssc.org.

Tickets are available at the door: $10/Adult     $5/10-18    Free/9 and under


PHOTOS: Last night of bingo at the Stittsville Legion

(Above: Legion member and bingo regular Christine Forbes cuts a cake to celebrate the 48 years of bingo at the Legion. Christine has been attending for over 40 years. Photo by Barry Gray.)

Wednesday, December 16 was the final weekly bingo night at the Stittsville Legion, ending a tradition that dates back until at least 1967. A strong turn-out of 67 bingo players were there for the occasion.  Photographer Barry Gray was there to document the event.
Continue reading


Last call for bingo at the Stittsville Legion after nearly 50 years

(Above: Legion executive members Sue McCormick (left) and Monique Vail in front of the Stittsville Legion sign.)

Sue McCormick says she’ll have a hard time holding back tears when she calls the last weekly bingo game at the Stittsville Legion this Wednesday, December 16.

“It’s going to be sad,” said McCormick, 1st Vice President and Bingo Chair at the Legion. “I’m hoping I don’t cry.”

Organizers think that weekly bingo has been played at the Legion since at least 1967, making it a 48-year old tradition. The Legion’s executive committee made the decision to end the program after seeing a steady decline in attendance over the last couple of years.

“We used to get 50-60 people out, easily.  Now 35-40 people would be a very high number,” says McCormick.


The Legion is looking for a home for the light-up bingo signs. They're hoping to find a non-profit organization to donate them to.
The Legion is looking for a home for their two light-up bingo signs. They’re hoping to find a non-profit organization to donate them to.


When I stopped in at the Legion on the weekend, I met Barbara Forbes.  Her mother Christine Forbes, 88, has been a regular at bingo night since the 1960s.

“She gets her hair done on Wednesdays, and arrives early at 4pm even though it doesn’t start until 6:45pm,” said Forbes. “She lives nearby on Orville so it’s convenient for her.”

She says her mother also worked at the canteen during bingo nights for “years and years”. Wednesday night bingo has become an important weekly social event for a lot of people in our community, especially seniors.

“There are many people who have made friends here. They may not see those friends again,” said Forbes.

Monique Vail, a member of the Legion’s executive committee, says that they made the decision because the event was losing money.  Low attendance meant that when the big weekly jackpot was awarded, the Legion would lose money on the night.   Their license, which costs $1,000 every six months, is up for renewal in January.

“The executive made this decision with very heavy hearts. It is purely a business decision . We could not in good conscience continue to lose money on it,” says Vail. “Many of our regulars were pretty upset when we announced last week.”

Vail says the drop in attendance is probably due to the changing demographics in Stittsville (more younger families in the community), plus the prize money that they could offer was lower than bigger bingos in the city.

“And it just might be bingos are not as popular as they used to be,” says Vail.

The bingo was an important fundraiser for the Legion, with half of all the money received going to charity.  They recently made large donations to the Snowsuit Fund and a $500 donation to the Stittsville Food Bank. A big chunk of the money raised also went to sponsor teams for the Legion’s Poppy Blitz.

This Wednesday’s bingo will go out with a splash.  McCormick says they’re planning to have a special cake made up, they’ll be giving out Christmas bingo dabbers, and they’ll keep calling numbers until the  jackpot is won. They’re hoping for a big turn-out.

The final bingo at the Stittsville Legion will be played on Wednesday, December 16 from 6:45pm-9:00pm. Doors open at 5:00pm.  It’s open to the public.





PHOTO: Halloween spirit knows no limit

Pictured above is the spirited Freedom 55 fitness class at the Goulbourn Rec Centre.  Over 30 participants were all decked out for Halloween at today’s Friday class.  Instructor Patti Dalby is in the front row with the witch hat. The group works out together three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Jason Tudor-Roberts, the athletics program coordinator at the GRC, says that the group is important as both a fitness and social program for the participants.



Bus trips to the slots on Wednesday

A bus trip to the Rideau Carleton Raceway will take place Wednesday, September 2. The bus leaves Johnny Leroux Arena at 12 noon and returns at 5pm. Cost is $10.00. If not a Winners Circle member, bring photo ID to join at no cost and enjoy $5.00 off lunch, and $10.00 play money. Everyone is welcome. Contact Marion Gullock 613 836-5254, marion.gullock@sympatico.ca.


Housing counsellor gives an objective perspective to seniors housing

Choosing a retirement home can be an emotional experience for seniors and their families. Stittsville’s Suzanne Mondoux wants to make the process of finding a senior’s residence less stressful for everybody.

Mondoux is a housing counselor with Visavie, a Quebec-based housing advisory service for seniors and their families that helps them select a retirement home. She meets with families to assess their needs, recommends a short list from over 60 accredited homes in the Ottawa area, and shows the facilities to the families.

“I’m there as an advocate, and to champion, and to make sure the right questions are asked and the right questions have been asked,” says Mondoux.

“It’s comparable to a real estate agent. As a housing counsellor, this is a very emotional journey that we take someone through. I’ve seen people cry from the adult children to the seniors themselves,” she says.

“And it’s not always a bad reason. Sometimes it’s relief that ‘finally I’m going to have someone look after me, I’m going to have acceptance’.”

There’s no charge for families to use the service. Visavie earns a commission from retirement homes that that they have a contract with.

Mondoux says there’s a wide variety of homes in Ottawa to match a wide variety of needs.

“It’s finding the geographic area, the financial needs and medical needs as a person progresses. It can range from $2,000/month to $10,000/month. Care-wise, there are differences. Some help with laundry, some don’t. Some do meds administration, some don’t. Some will have cognitive care units, some will have more of a physical care unit, some may have both,” she says.

Canada’s aging demographic is creating new challenges and opportunities for businesses, says Mondoux.

“We’re five team members plus a regional director. We are growing because the need is there. If we work together we can help the seniors in our community,” she says.

Mondoux, originally from Nova Scotia, used to work at a retirement residence as a leasing and marketing manager. She believes there is a need for more retirement residences in the Stittsville/Kanata area.

“Some have higher occupancy than others. That could be due to many things like pricing, or somebody needing a specific care that another doesn’t offer. I do think there can be more, and I think we’ll see focus to more higher-care needs because people are living longer,” she says.

You can reach Mondoux at 613-897-7069 or smondoux@visavie.com.


Richmond Village Association announces new grocery van service

Gateway to groceries van

(Press release from the Richmond Village Association.)

The Richmond Village Association is proud to announce a partnership with Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS) which will bring a grocery van service to Richmond residents.

This new program called the Gateway to Groceries is a free home pickup/return service for seniors and adults with physical disabilities who require transportation to the grocery store and other essential services in Richmond. The RVA is subsidizing the cost of the program which will run twice a month on the second and fourth Friday of the month – from 9am – 12pm.

Residents in need of this service and volunteers wanting to assist can register at 613-692-4697.  Please note all riders MUST register no later than the Tuesday prior to the pick-up date.

Residents will see the big white Gateway to Groceries bus wearing the ROSSS logo, RVA’s logo, pictures of black and white grocery carts on the side doors and a sign in the front window that says, “Gateway to Groceries”. The service will begin September 26, 2014 (Fourth Friday), October 10th (Second Friday),  October 24th (Fourth Friday) and so on.

The complete schedule is available for online viewing at – richmondvillage.ca/events/