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CSS Finback Sharks Heading to Worlds 2017 in Orlando

(Back Row left to right: Trevor Schlarb, Angelo Chen, Paul Smith,
Brooke McLennan;  Middle Row left to right: Kaitlyn Morgan, Kaylea Donovan, Taylor
Sinclair, Jordyn Postma, Rebecca Richardson, Rebecca Snider, Kaitlyn (Pinky) McCaughan, Maurice Semaan, Denise Guertin; Front Row left to right: Kelly McCarney (Coach), Rachel Snider, Lauryn Postma, Holly Walpole, Devon Allen, Dianna McAllister, Emma Caldwell, Nicola Christie, Victoria Klassen, Kevin Fong (Coach). Photo by Claire McCaughan)

The Ottawa Cheer Sport Sharks teams competed in the Ontario Cheerleading Federation Winter Blast Competition in Gatineau at the Robert Guertin Arena on Sunday, February 12, 2017.  They came home with 11 1st place finishes by the Speckled, Angels, Kitefin, Spinner, Piked, River, Starry, Thrasher, Whitetip, Pacific and Finback Sharks and 1 2nd place finish by the Ribbontail Sharks.

An amazing showing by all the Cheer Sport Sharks!  The big winners of the competition were the Finback Sharks who along with their 1st place win earned their bid to the Cheerleading Worlds Competition which will be held at Walt Disney World in Orlando on April 28th to May 1st, 2017.  The Finback Sharks will be representing their club and country at the International Open Small Coed 6 level.

If you want to be a part of the Cheer Sport Sharks gym there
will be team placements for the 2017-18 season taking place May
10th-13th at 109 Iber Road in Stittsville.  For more information call
1-888-25-CHEER (24337) or visit us on the web at www.cheersportsharks.com.


Ottawa Sharks compete at Big East Blast 2017

Photo: Small Level 6 Co-ed Finback Sharks team with their first place banner and Level 6 Grand Champs banner. Front left to right: Amanda Mullen, Victoria Klassen, Emma Caldwell, Nicola Christie, Lauryn Postma, Rebecca Richardson, Holly Walpole 2nd left to right: Rebecca Snider, Rachel Schneider, Kaitlyn (Pinky)
McCaughan, Kaitlyn Morgan, Jordyn Postma. Back left to right: Brooke Mclennan, Taylor Sinclair, Paul Smith, Angelo Chen, Dianna Mcallister, Maurice Semaan, Kaylea Donovan, Kevin Feng, Kelly McCarney, Trevor Schlarb. Photo by Claire McCaughan.

All 12 of the Ottawa Cheer Sport Sharks hit the mat on Saturday,
February 4th at the Big East Blast 2017 cheerleading competition that was held at the EY Centre.

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Sharks head to World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando

(ABOVE: Photo taken at the Kicks Competition in Montreal on March 20 after the Finback and Pacific Sharks won their bids to represent Canada at the 2016 Worlds.  Back Row:  Kelly McCarney, Missy Prosper, Alexa Hadley, Jessica Gignac, Hannah Yeatman, Brooke Rousselle, Leo Tremblay, Austin Dagg, Paige Gervais, Trevor Schlarb, Stephanie Daoust, Vanessa Saniforth, Mackenzie Foulkes, Jacqueline Snow. Middle Row:  Paige Maclellan, Kurtis Lee, Claire Lanthier, Sophie Finucan, Dianna McAllister, Kaitlyn McCaughan, Abigail Stewart, Taylor St Louis, Kaitlyn Morgan, Casey Campbell, Victoria Rousselle, Anneka Ceresia. Front Row:  Julia Rachkovska, Rachel Latreille, Lily Angus, Lauryn Postma, Mckenna Clark, Katelyn Maclellan, Kennedee Abson, Nicola Christie, Amanda Mullan, Lauren Carroll, Lauren Edwards, Kaylea Donovan, Denise Guertin, Emma Caldwell, Jessica Samra,  Madeleine Morris, Jenna Arbuckle
Missing:  Jordyn Postma. Photo by Claire McCaughan.)

The Ottawa Cheer Sport Sharks have two teams heading to Orlando, Florida for the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships!

The Finback and Pacific Sharks both won their bids to Worlds at the Kicks Competition in Montreal on March 20, 2016.  They competed hard all season with the reward in their hands as they head to Walt Disney World in Florida to compete in the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships on April 22nd through to April 25th. Continue reading