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NOTEBOOK: LRT open houses, pedestrian safety upgrades, more

Watch for a open house events in June and November for updates on plans to extend light rail transit west past Moodie Drive towards Kanata and Stittsville.  Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson shared the news in a newsletter update: “An evaluation of alternative corridors and selection of a preferred corridor and station locations will be discussed… on the technically preferred plan, which will go to Transportation Committee and Council for approval in March 2018.  Construction of this section cannot occur until after the LRT reaches Moodie in 2023 and a funding source is obtained.” Continue reading


Richmond Bakery sign goes up for auction

(Richmond Bakery circa 2014. Photo via Google Streetview.)

The Richmond Bakery sign has been put up for auction. The owners of Danby’s Roadhouse, who took over the building earlier this year, posted this note to Facebook today:

We are auctioning off the Richmond Bakery sign online in conjunction with the reopening of the Richmond Bakery – Grand opening this Saturday and Sunday August 20 and 21st.  All bids in minimum $10 increments and bids must be on the picture attached to this post on Danbys Roadhouse FaceBook page. Bid starts at $100. All proceeds to the Richmond Food bank. Bidding starts effective August 16, 2016, closing August 21st at 4pm (last bid time stamped at 3:59pm wins). Good luck to all! Continue reading


Councillor seeks feedback on Fernbank sign and landscaping

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

UPDATE, JULY 25: Results from the voting are 54% for Option 3, 21% for Option 2, 16% for Option 4 and 9% for Option 1.  “I liked all options and Option 3 certainly stood out for many residents; as such, I approve of this decision. I would like to thank all residents for taking the time to play a role in this planning process. As updates arise such as final approval and construction timelines, I will be certain to include them within my weekly electronic column,” wrote Qadri in an email to residents.

This fall, the City will build an community entry feature for the Fernbank Community at the intersection of Fernbank Road and Robert Grant Avenue. This feature:
• Is expected to be completed this fall.
• Is a requirement of the Fernbank Community Design Plan.
• Will be completed as part of the Robert Grant Avenue construction project.
• Will feature a sign component on the east side of the intersection.
• Will feature landscaping on both sides of the intersection. Continue reading


Vintage Richmond Bakery sign uncovered during renovations

“Coolest find ever! Painted on the block under the old sign,” wrote Deb Mallett on a Richmond community Facebook group where this photo was posted.

It was uncovered when the “old” back-lit Richmond Bakery sign was removed during renovations. Mallett is converting the old bakery building into a pub-style restaurant to be known as Danby’s Road House.

Do any of our readers know how old the uncovered sign may be?

Richmond Bakery
Richmond Bakery / Photo from Google Streetview


Richmond Bakery sign to be auctioned off

(Richmond Bakery circa 2014. Photo via Google Streetview.)

UPDATE, OCTOBER 8: The Goulbourn Museum’s Curator Manager Kathryn Jamieson sent along this note:

“Goulbourn Museum wants to preserve the history of the Richmond Bakery. If community members have any small items such as old price lists, bread bags, or other memorabilia with the bakery name on them, they would love to hear from you. We would also like to collect anecdotes and photographs from the 75 years the Richmond Bakery was in business. Local residents can email me directly at: kathryn@goulbournmuseum.ca.”

As for the Richmond Bakery sign, Jamieson says it’s wonderful that it will be auctioned to raise money for the Richmond Food Bank: “We hope that whoever purchases the sign in the auction can give it a good home. Although we’d love to preserve it, Goulbourn Museum is simply too small and we wouldn’t have the storage space.”


The familiar Richmond Bakery sign will be auctioned off later this year when the building reopens as Danby’s Road House.

When the Richmond Bakery shut its doors in August 2014, there was interest in the bakery sign from both the community and collectors, including the Goulbourn Museum. Continue reading


Damage to Conservative candidate’s signs

Several of Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre’s signs were damaged along Stittsville Main Street on Saturday night.

It is an offence to remove or damage official election signs. People found damaging or removing signs can face charges under the Criminal Code.

According the Canada Elections Act, “No person shall prevent or impair the transmission to the public of an election advertising message without the consent of a person with authority to authorize its transmission.”


Horticultural Society volunteers help clean up Stittsville sign

A group of volunteers took advantage of Saturday’s warm and sunny weather to clean up and landscape the area around the Stittsville sign the corner of Carp Road and Stittsville Main Street.

The activity was organized by the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society. The group also organized a team to do some landscaping around the Stittsville Post Office on Main Street last week. You can find more photos on their Facebook page.

The SGHS runs a number of programs in our community including speaking events, photography competitions, flower shows, garden tours and more.

(A separate group of volunteers was out doing the same at the Glen Cairn signs at the corner of Hazeldean and Castlefrank.)

Volunteers helped clean up the area around the Stittsville sign. Photo via the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society
Volunteers helped clean up the area around the Stittsville sign on Saturday. Photo via the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society


COMMENT: Safety campaign is a sign of failure

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “Please Stop For Us” signs are sprouting up like wild parsnip all over Stittsville and other parts of the city.  The sign pictured above is on a lamp post across the street from Par-La-Ville Park in Fairwinds, right under a stop sign that nearby residents say is routinely ignored by motorists. 

Here’s a guest post from Ottawa writer Jonathan McLeod, who says these signs are a symbol of failed policy and road design.  (This post was originally published on his blog on August 3.)   Continue reading


Sign vandalism “a poor reflection on this community’s values”

Kelly Morrison posted this photo and note on the Stittsville Neighbours Facebook Group:

“Passed this stash of downed signs on West Ridge near Sable Run this morning. Innocent vandalism? Maybe. But it is beyond mischievous. It is a poor reflection on this community’s values. Sad and concerning

Sign vandalism is common during election campaigns, and we’ve seen several reports of damaged or stolen signs over the past few weeks in Stittsville.  Both candidates have had signs damaged.  One resident reported that someone stole a sign from her lawn and replaced it with a sign for the opposing candidate.

Damaging or removing election signs is not only mischievous, it’s also against the law.