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Stittsville Childcare Centre transitions to not-for-profit model

(PHOTO: From June 2017, following the Stittsville Childcare Centre’s 10th Annual BBQ and Raffle Fundraiser for Cancer Research held at our centre. Each year, for the past 10 years, our staff volunteer their time and offer a family oriented, fun event to raise funds for cancer research through donating all money raised to the Ottawa Hospital in honour of those parents we have lost to cancer as well as those in our community who continue the fight. Photo by John Curry, republished with permission)

(article submitted by the Stittsville Childcare Centre)

Stittsville Childcare Centre first opened its doors as a private childcare in September 2004. Initially licensed to provide care for children from babies up to six years of age, over the years the services expanded to incorporate a school age program as well.

Two best friends, sharing the same dream and a passion for children, began the journey together excited to offer Stittsville a unique childcare experience, one with a fundamental belief in the power of family and community. This belief has held true to this day. Each day when anyone enters our program our hope is that they feel immediately welcome and that this centre will grow to become an extension of their family and home. Continue reading