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NOTEBOOK: We’re the guinea pigs for building better suburbs

The City of Ottawa sent out a press release earlier this week about progress on a long-term project called “Building Better and Smarter Suburbs”. (You can read the full press release below.)

Suburbs are changing, and the city’s policies, bylaws and planning/design guidelines need to be updated to adapt to the evolving environment. The Building Better and Smarter Suburbs project contains a series of strategies¬†covering all sorts of issues. Continue reading


COMMENT: Five ways Ottawa’s future suburbs may start to look a little different

(Above: Aerial photo of Fairwinds, by @TwitchxB)

On Tuesday, the City of Ottawa’s Planning Committee will receive the latest update on a project called “Building Better and Smarter Suburbs”. If it’s accepted, the plan will play a role (for better or for worse) in shaping the way Stittsville and other suburbs develops in the coming years. Continue reading