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COMMENT: Local shops are part of our small-town charm

(ABOVE: Renee Saunders, owner of the recently-opened Sweet Room Bakery Boutique on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Barry Gray.)

If Stittsville’s small-town feel is something that’s important to you, take some time this week to support the local merchants who help give our community its personality.

A lot of my conversations lately have been turning towards the role that locally-owned businesses play in shaping the character of Stittsville. Continue reading


SWEET! New bakery set to open this week on Stittsville Main

UPDATE, JANUARY 16: A note from Renee: “We’re training in the kitchen and on the tills today (Saturday) from 10am onward, so come on by and put us to the test! We won’t have our full range of products, but we will have some of the sweetest treats imaginable for you to enjoy. Hope to see you here!”


“I have always wanted a little bake shop and Stittsville’s perfect… Everyone we’ve met in the last three years here are so friendly, and so nice. It’s a nice place to start building down the main street…”

In just a few days, the sweet smells of freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes will waft out of The Sweet Room Bakery Boutique on Stittsville Main Street. Wyldwood resident Renee Saunders is nearly finished setting up the shop, located in thesame plaza as the Main Street Pub, and hopes to have it open by the end of the week, pending some last minute setup and approvals. We talked with her just before Christmas about what she’s cooking up. All photos by Barry Gray.

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