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Refugee sponsorship group reunites family from Afghanistan

It had taken almost four years, but the day finally arrived. A family was reunited and all were now safe in Canada.

Shakeba Hakam, her husband Mirwis and their four children, along with Shakeba’s sister, Maleha Nejrabi, her husband Ahmad and their four children, arrived in Ottawa on Friday June 17 after a long, and at times delayed, flight from Tajikistan, where they had spent years as refugees from Afghanistan. Continue reading


UPDATE: Refugee group applies to sponsor two individuals

I want to pass along some really good news to you.  Today on our behalf the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa submitted our sponsorship applications to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada for both Rouba and Dani.

Rouba is a single woman who is a refugee from Syria presently in Lebanon.  She has already had family members arrive here in Ottawa, so we are hopeful that we will receive a positive response to her application.  Dani is a single male presently in Jordan.  He too has family members being sponsored by another congregation here in Ottawa and though they have not yet arrived in Canada, their application has been approved.  We are also hopeful that his application will be approved soon.  It has taken a long time to get all of the paperwork completed satisfactorily, but we are pleased the applications have been submitted and I will certainly keep you informed about their progress. Continue reading


West Ottawa Soccer Club welcomes refugees

Eihab Altalli (left) and Obai Altalli (right), two refugees who recently arrived in Canada, along with Ahmed Aref from West Ottawa Soccer Club. Photo by Barry Gray.

“It helps them integrate here. I’m pretty sure this will have some sort of positive impact on their integration in the Canadian culture. So it’s a great initiative from the club.”

West Ottawa Soccer Club is welcoming newcomers to Canada by offering free soccer registration for refugee families.

The program is open to all ages, for refugees from anywhere in the world, during their first year in Ottawa. West Ottawa Soccer largely serves the Stittsville, Kanata and West Carleton areas.

Stephanie Potter has been organizing this program at West Ottawa Soccer. She said in the fall when the refugee situation was often in the news, the club came up with this idea to help. She says the initiative fits with their club’s True Sport principles, which involves including everyone and giving back.
Continue reading


Holy Spirit Parish welcomes Syrian family to Kanata-Stittsville

(ABOVE:Holy Spirit Catholic Church / File Photo by Barry Gray)

“They were tired on arrival but very grateful to be safe in Canada.”

A quick update from Monsignor Joseph Muldoon from Holy Spirit Parish, about their efforts to support Syrian refugees in Canada. A family of four settled in Kanata just after Christmas: Continue reading


UPDATE: Stittsville’s efforts to sponsor Syrian refugees

We are in the process of completing a sponsorship application for a young single woman from Syria who is living in Lebanon and has family members in Ottawa.

We also plan to complete an application for another family from Syria, who also have family here in Ottawa.  We are still trying to access the name of a family to sponsor through government channels, but have not yet been successful.  Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Refugees, Carp River, OC Transpo, Tow Trucks

The Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group (KSRSG) met again this week to work on plans for sponsoring Syrian refugees. Rev. Grant Dillenbeck from Stittsville United Church chairs the group, and says that immediate plans are to sponsor a single woman who already has family in Stittsville and Ottawa. Continue reading


Group moves forward with plans to sponsor Syrian refugees

(Press release via KSRSG. Photo: At a Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group meeting in September, Rev. Grant Dillenbeck answers questions on how to help Syrian refugees. Photo by Shannon Lough.)

At a meeting held on Wednesday October 21, the Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group (KSRSG) decided to proceed with two sponsorships of refugees from Syria.

One sponsorship will be requested through the Canadian government’s Blended Visa Office Referred program, which sponsors those pre-approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officials. Continue reading


Lawyer donates expertise to help Syrian refugees

Becoming a mother changed the way a Stittsville lawyer saw the world around her, and after witnessing the media coverage of a drowned Syrian boy she decided to do her part.

“That was really extremely upsetting to me,” said Jenny Guth (pictured above), who has a five-year-old son. “For me and for probably many other people, the little boy who was found on the beach was the game changer.” Continue reading


Group puts plan in place to sponsor Syrian refugees

(Photo by Shannon Lough.)

The momentum sweeping across the country to help Syrian refugees has drawn the Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group to consider how it can sponsor the resettlement of one or more refugees from Syria.

On Wednesday night, the non-profit organization held a meeting to address the Syrian refugee issue along with updates on the sponsorship process to resettle three families from Afghanistan. Continue reading