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Here’s how much the Sens pay in property taxes each year

(Canadian Tire Centre. Photo by Aaron Toth, via Flickr)

And you thought your property tax bill was high…

Somebody was asking the other day in a local Facebook group how much the Senators pay in property tax is each year, and how much of that goes to Stittsville.  So we asked the City of Ottawa, and they came back with these numbers, right down to the penny. Continue reading


Property assessment notices are coming, and here’s what that means for your tax bill

(via City of Ottawa)

Every four years, the Ontario Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) mails property assessment notifications to residential, commercial and industrial property owners providing them with the latest assessed value of their property.

MPAC will begin mailing property assessment notices for residential properties in Ottawa on July 18. Assessment notices for non-residential properties will be mailed in the fall of 2016. The last province-wide Assessment Update of Ontario properties took place in 2012 and was based on the valuation date of January 1, 2012. This update is based on the valuation date of January 1, 2016. Continue reading


COMMENT: The link between development charges and your property tax bill

(Photo: Poole Creek Village under construction.)

On November 7, the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association (GOHBA) took out a quarter page ad in the first section of the Ottawa Citizen entitled “Empowering Millennials to Succeed”. It was a blatant pitch to the newly-elected federal government to seek reductions in municipal development charges on newly constructed homes in order (nominally) to support young millennials in purchasing these homes. Continue reading


Reminder that your interim property tax bill is due

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

Ottawa property owners are reminded that the interim property tax bill, which was mailed out during the last week of February, is due on Thursday, March 19.

You can now view, print and pay your property tax bill by visiting ottawa.ca and selecting the “My ServiceOttawa” tab to register your tax account. This service is also available for water and sewer bills.

You can pay your property tax bill:

  • through your financial institution
  • online at ottawa.ca
  • by sending a cheque to the City of Ottawa
  • at any City of Ottawa Client Service Centre during regular hours of operation

Once your interim bill is paid, you may manage and pay future tax bills by signing up for the City’s pre-authorized tax debit plan or registering for epost..

If you have not yet received your bill, please call the City’s Revenue Branch at 613-580-2444. Additional information about your interim property tax bill is available online at ottawa.ca.