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Petition opposes tree cutting from South March Highlands

(PHOTO: South March Highlights. Photo by Denise Deby.)

Trees are again being cut down in Ottawa’s South March Highlands. KNL is removing trees from 75-100 hectares of land in the Highlands, one of Ottawa’s most biodiverse areas, in preparation for construction. They’re required to take measures to mitigate against harming species at risk (including Blanding’s turtles, Least bitterns and butternut trees) and other wildlife. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: A small step to better protect our forests from development

One of my biggest complaints about suburban development is how builders often take a “bulldoze and build” approach, stripping away long-standing forests and natural areas. While there are some restrictions to prevent this, there aren’t always enough measures in the City’s policy toolkit to provide the necessary protection.

So I was really encouraged this week to see City Council unanimously approve a change to the Official Plan that should do more to proactively protect “significant woodlots” in the urban area.  Continue reading


Tree cutting starts Monday for Minto’s Potter’s Key

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

I would like to take a moment to provide a quick update on the tree cutting in Potter’s Key.

Today, the contractors have received their final required permits to undertake these works. As such, tree cutting will commence on Monday, November 21st and is expected to be completed before Christmas. Continue reading


Hydro One line clearing work starts March 14

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

Hydro One Forestry has informed my office that they will be performing important line clearing work through Stittsville. The work will consist of tree trimming, removal of dead, leaning or dangerous trees as well as those encroaching upon the line. Non-compatible brush beneath the line will be sprayed standing or cut and stump sprayed with Garlon RTU (PCP Registration # 29334) which is a federally and provincially approved herbicide. Continue reading


Update on ash tree removal in Timbermere and Amberwood

We’ve had a few questions from readers about tree removal in Stittsville over the past couple of weeks.  City forestry crews cut down ash trees in Lady Bird Park in Timbermere and Amberwood that were infested with the Emerald Ash Borer.

Susan Goslin took this photo of tree removal in progress in Timbermere earlier this week. "We were told that only the ash trees were being cut down, but this morning all of our grape vines and new growth trees were taken too... I hope that the city is planning on replanting in this area," she wrote.
Susan Goslin took this photo of tree removal in progress in Timbermere earlier this week. “We were told that only the ash trees were being cut down, but this morning all of our grape vines and new growth trees were taken too… I hope that the city is planning on replanting in this area,” she wrote.


What's left after ash tree removal in Amberwood, next to Springbrook.
What’s left after ash tree removal in Amberwood, next to Springbrook.

Continue reading


ASHES TO ASHES: Trees to be removed in Amberwood

(via Councillor Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter)

In last week’s column, I shared news that Ladybird Park in Timbermere subdivision would undergo tree removal due to the hazard of the Emerald Ash Borer. Continuing in line with this program, removals will also be taking place in the parklands behind Springbrook Drive and Greer Street. Removals taking place along the pathway from the footbridge to Paul Lindsay Park will likely be done at a later date with smaller logging equipment. It is anticipated that the crews will commence removals in this area starting on February 16th, and it will likely take the full week to complete.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of ash trees. All species of ash are susceptible to attack, except mountain ash, which is not a true ash species. Since it was first identified in Michigan in 2002, EAB has killed millions of ash trees in Ontario and many parts of the United States. It poses a major economic and environmental threat to urban and forested areas. It was confirmed in Ottawa in 2008 and its impacts can be clearly seen spreading from the St. Laurent area. Since the insect spends most of its lifecycle under the bark of trees, it can be easily moved with firewood or other tree materials such as nursery stock, logs, brush and larger wood chips. This insect is able to fly, but since its spread has been primarily along major highways and transport routes, it is clear that humans are the main vector of dispersal.


To learn more about the Emerald Ash Bore and the City’s strategy you can visit here.


Oops! We tore down your heritage farmhouse

(ABOVE: McCurdy House, 1899. “Farms & Families” by the Stittsville Women’s Institute, Tweedsmuir History Committee.)

“Misunderstanding” was a big hit for the band Genesis in early 1980s. Stittsville was also hit by a misunderstanding in 1985 when a 19th century stone house was “accidentally” knocked down.

In February 1985, a backhoe operator mistakenly tore down the 153-year-old McCurdy house, instead of a shed. Continue reading


Ash trees to be removed from Ladybird Park

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

The City is continuing with its removal of Ash trees as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer.  The removal area for this location (Ladybird Park at 65 Sirocco Crescent in the Timbermere subdivision) is 0.7 hectares, and is concentrated on removing hazardous trees along the edge of the pathways and behind the homes. Continue reading


Tree cutting planned for Stittsville South beginning January 4

via Councillor Shad Qadri:

Please be advised that the General Manager of Planning and Growth Management has approved a Tree Permit to allow tree removal in the Stittsville South subdivision (File No. D07-16-13-0033), as of January 4, 2016.  There may be a bit of activity on site between now and the New Year, however this will be very minor in nature. The main brunt of the tree removal will be started on or after the week of January 4th. The site is the western portion of the lands within the Stittsville South Urban Expansion Area (Area 6). Surrounding the property, to the north is the Upcountry/West Wind Farms subdivision and to the west across Stittsville Main Street is the Traditions/Harris Lands subdivision.  To the south is the Woodside Acres country estate.

There are conditions associated with this permit which can be found on my website here.  For any questions regarding this permission, please contact Forester, Martha Copestake, at Martha.Copestake@ottawa.ca or 613 580 2424 x17922.


Dead and damaged trees removed from Pioneer Plains Park in Jackson Trails

Over the past week city forestry crews have been removing some trees in Pioneer Plains Park in Jackson Trails.

Shad Qadri provided this update on Facebook earlier today: “They are only removing dead trees that pose any danger and wind damaged trees to make the park safe as well as the residents property’s along Bryce place. These are not stand alone trees but more in the forested areas. So no replanting is necessary. Should you have any questions please email me at shad.qadri@ottawa.ca”