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Westwind raises almost $12,000 for charity at social justice fair

(press release)

Westwind Public School was filled with the sounds of excited grade six students and the smell of delicious baked goods on Thursday, June 22 as the school held its ‘Who is Nobody?’ social justice fair. The annual fair is designed to get grade six students to “be the change they wish to see in the world”, as Ghandi so aptly stated. Continue reading


Stittsville South construction resumes, and that means more blasting

After a few months of delay because of missing permits, construction is proceeding south of the Westwind community in what’s known as Stittsville South.

That construction involves a lot of loud, foundation-shaking blasting, and Councillor Shad Qadri provided an update – and admonishment – about the plans in his newsletter on Friday. Continue reading


PHOTOS: Grade 6 students from Westwind donate to Big Sky Ranch

Norah Kinny and Jack William present their donation to Andy Parent from Big Sky Ranch. Photos via Marriam Kinny

Grade 6 students at Westwind Public School are doing some great things in their final year at the school.

Students were asked to pick a charity as part of “The Nobody Project” and help raise awareness for the charity in the form of donations, volunteer time or whatever the charity needed. Continue reading


PIECE OF CAKE: Best-of photos from school cakewalk fundraisers

It’s cake walk season! Several schools in our area have been holding their annual cakewalk fundraisers, where parents and students exercise their artistic cake-making skills.

And the icing on the cake? The creations get auctioned or raffled off to raise money for the schools.  Continue reading


Westwind students paint the town red, blue, yellow, green, pink and more

Pablo Picasso is famous for saying that it took him a lifetime to learn to paint like a four year old.  If only he could have seen the works of art from students in junior kindergarten through to grade six at the fourth annual ART IS EVERYWHERE student art show at Westwind Public School on April 30. Continue reading


Westwind school council raises funds for in-school learning experiences

The Westwind Public School Parent Council is once again hosting a kid-free event for the our community in an effort to raise funds for in-school learning experiences and curriculum enhancing equipment.

On Saturday April 18, alongside Bistrofiftyfour at Amberwood and FullHouse Casino, the council invites the community to come out for a lighthearted evening of cashless gaming, friendly poker tournament and silent auction.

This is the second yea, the council has taken on such an event. Last year’s Murder on the Menu…who’s NeXT was a wonderful success with the team from NeXT food and Lakeside Players raising over $3,000. The goal for this year’s event is $5000.

A limited number tickets can be purchased here.

The fundraising team continues to seek sponsorship for the casino tables, raffle prizes and silent auction items. If you would like to help please contact westwindpscouncil@gmail.com

Money raised by the parent council has funded and will fund this year arts programs such as Luv2groove dance workshops & Blues in the Schools music programs, and science programs like Scientists in the School.

We also provide the buses for field trips and extracurricular activities like the OCDSB Track and Field day in the spring.

This year w have also purchased noise cancelling headphones and voice recorders for each classroom as well as iPad charging storage bins for our mobile technology classrooms.

It is our hope to raise enough funds at this event to provide the school with an automatic 18′ projection screen in the gymnasium to help with holiday concerts and movie night presentations instead of projecting on the wall which is inefficient and challenging to see.

This Wednesday, March 25 we will host an information session for parents in the community on the benefits of attending GMS and South Carleton high school with the help of local principals Robin Darragh (GMS) and Colin Anderson (SCHS).
All the support from our community at events like the Monte Carlo night help us provide these opportunities to our community and our students.


Low enrolment puts Munster Elementary School at risk of closure

EDITOR’S NOTE: Low enrolment at Munster Elementary  is putting the facility at risk of closure.  The school board is holding a public meeting in December to discuss options to keep the school open, including introducing a new french immersion program.

Any changes would trigger new school boundaries, which could affect students and schools in Stittsville. Options being considered by the school board including sending Munster students to A. Lorne Cassidy school as early as 2015-2016.  Another option to add a french immersion program could mean some students currently attending Westwind or A. Lorne Cassidy schools would be moved to Munster instead.

We want to hear from parents who may be affected by these changes. Send us a note a feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca or leave a comment below.


(Press release from the Ottawa District School Board)

Parents and interested community members are invited to attend a public meeting. Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Munster Elementary School, Gymnasium
7816 Bleeks Road
Presentation at 7:00 p.m.

Munster Elementary School is located in the Hamlet of Munster (7816 Bleeks Road) and currently offers a Regular English program to students residing in the western portion of the former Township of Goulbourn. The school’s enrolment has decreased significantly for the 2014-2015 school year and currently stands at 58 students.

The Board is seeking community input regarding increasing the current low enrolment at Munster Elementary School with the introduction of a new Early French Immersion program and whether or not that option is viable. Some action is likely required at the school for the 2015-2016 school year.

Following the Public Consultation Meeting on December 3rd and a review of input received from the community, a recommendation by staff will be brought forward to the Board’s Committee of the Whole in early 2015.

The report will provide the Board of Trustees with information regarding the viability of introducing a new Early French Immersion Program, including community input, and a recommended course of action for the accommodation of Munster Elementary School students in September 2015. A final decision by the Board of Trustees is scheduled to take place in early 2015.

More information can be found at


Did anyone find a wedding ring in the Westwind area?

UPDATE: The ring has been found.  Karina Ragalie wrote earlier today on Facebook: “Ladies, thank you very much for your help and support. The wedding ring was found and returned.  I love this community. A lady on my street found it and returned it last night.”


A Stittsville resident lost his wedding band on the weekend in the Westwind/Hartsmere Drive area.  As you’ll read in the screen cap below, it has significant sentimental value for the man and his family. If you have any information about the ring, please email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca and we’ll pass it on to the family.

Lost ring

(Thanks Amy Lee for the heads up)