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NOTEBOOK: Stories we’re watching in 2017

Let’s take out the crystal ball and look ahead at what 2017 may have in store for Stittsville…

Earlier this year we should hear from the Ottawa Senators about what they have in mind for Canadian Tire Centre once the Sens leave for Lebreton Flats. Last year, team owner Eugene Melnyk teased that the development would be an “entertainment-driven” transformation.  Whatever it is, any change will have a major impact on Stittsville and Kanata for jobs, transportation and economic development. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Road rage on West Ridge; townhomes proposed for Wildpine

ABOVE: Traffic calming pilot on West Ridge Drive. Photo by Barry Gray.

If you ever want to inspire road rage, try driving the posted speed limit down West Ridge Drive. It’s signed at 40km/h, and if you stick to that speed chances are you’ll be tailgated, honked at, and maybe even passed. The “flex signs” help, but they don’t solve everything. Just days after a new traffic calming project was launched earlier this month, police clocked a car travelling at 21km/hr over the speed limit. Continue reading


Retirement home proposed for Wildpine Court

The City has received a Site Plan Control for a four-storey retirement home on Wildpine Court at Stittsville Main Street with a total of 189 retirement units.

Of note: The developer is proposing to build a trail along Poole Creek behind the property that would fill in some of the “missing links” in the pathway system along the creek.

From the application summary:

The development proposal involves the construction of a four-storey retirement home with a total of 189 retirement (rooming) units. Ancillary uses for the residents are proposed on the ground floor of the retirement home, including a hair salon, spa and wellness centre. A parkette is proposed on the parcel at corner of Stittsville Main and Wildepine Court, which will provide a pedestrian friendly access point to the retirement home, as well as an opportunity for a landscaped open area to be used by neighbourhood residents and those living in the proposed retirement home.

A total of 49 parking spaces are proposed to accommodate the development, all of which, with the exception of three spaces, will be provided at the rear of the building. Half the parking spaces will be provided at grade and the remaining in an underground parking garage. A portion of the surface parking will be covered and an outdoor patio space which will be accessed via the second floor is proposed above this parking area.

The development includes two accesses off Wildpine Court; an all directional access located on the east side of the building providing access to the parking area and a one- way drop-off and pickup lane at the front of the building.

An interconnected trail system is envisioned by the City along Poole Creek. The application is proposing a trail at the rear of the property along Poole Creek which will contribute to proving a portion of the missing linkage within this system.

You can read more about the plan here…

Wildpine retirement home site plan
Wildpine retirement home site plan (click for larger size)