1531 Stittsville Main Street – Huntington Properties respond to recommendations for site plan

Huntington Properties, developers for the proposed new four-storey mixed-use building at Stittsville Main and Orville Streets, have re-submitted a new site plan with modifications to the originally submitted plan.

At the April 5th meeting of the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP), the members recommended changes to be made. It was felt with the  implementation of some small details — shape of the windows, fourth floor soffit size, balconies on the fourth floor, and the materials used on the façade — these could make the building better suited for the look of Stittsville Main Street.

At the earlier March 6th open house, hosted by Councillor Glen Gower, the proposed building and volume of traffic it would bring heard neighbourhood residents expressing concerns about the daily traffic congestion they currently deal with. A much longer wait to enter or exit Orville Street at daytime peak hours would cause traffic tie-ups, particularly because of the set of signal lights at Abbot and Main Streets; and, due to more residents expected to use Orville Street. On-street parking would pose another problem with traffic congestion on Main Street. The large scale of the building on Stittsville’s Main Street was an issue for some with the set back of the top stories being mentioned.

In their updated plan, Huntington have made modifications that could alleviate some of the concerns expressed.

  • The proposed on-street parking spaces on Stittsville Main Street have been eliminated to be replaced with an extended pedestrian walking area and larger planting beds.
  • The proposed townhomes at the back of the site have been removed and replaced with more surface parking spaces bringing the total from 62 to 67 — this number exceeds the by-law regulations for the minimum number required. This will also reduce the number of vehicles accessing Orville Street.
  • Bicycle parking spots have been increased to 30.
  • An outdoor commercial patio has been added at the corner of Stittsville Main and Orville Streets.
  • Minor revisions were made to the building elevations
    • including further refinement to the building corner treatment
    • pulling back of the canopies at the ends of the building
    • smaller windows will be used for the ground-floor retail spaces to enhance a traditional frontage appearance.
  • The Zoning By-law Amendment is no longer required as the proposal now conforms to all applicable zoning requirements.

The date for this new site plan to go before the City of Ottawa Planning Committee has not yet been set.


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