Here’s what’s in store for the old house and land at 173 Huntmar

173 Huntmar Aerial View
Photo via Bing Maps

A plan of subdvision has been submitted for the land at 173 Huntmar, including the old stone house known as “Boyd House”. The land is located just north of the Fairwinds neighbourhood and Maple Grove Road. You can read the plan and supporting documents here:

A public meeting about the development is planned for Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00pm at Johnny Leroux Arena (upper room), 10 Warner-Colpitts Drive.

The plan in a nutshell: “Permit the development of a mixed-use subdivision with residential and commercial uses, consisting of 13 low rise apartment buildings, 12 townhouses blocks and two four storey commercial buildings with retail on the ground floor and office uses above.”

The old 19th century stone farmhouse would be preserved as a commercial building, along with the land immediately surrounding it. One of the reports recommends saving the trees around the house, as well as the long line of trees along the north laneway.

Boyd House has heritage designation. It’s currently hidden behind trees and boarded up to discourage trespassers. The century-old barn was partially demolished last year, unfortunately. More background/history about he house is here.

The owner of the property is looking for tenants for the old stone house.  What kind of business would you like to see operating there?  Add your comment below or send an email to



4 thoughts on “Here’s what’s in store for the old house and land at 173 Huntmar”

  1. I believe there are about four tombstones near the house at 173 Huntmar. If this is correct what will be done with the tombstones and the bodies buried under them ? What are the inscriptions on the stones and who was buried there ?

  2. Very sad that they want to build 13 low rise apartment buildings. This is not consistent with my view and vision of Stittsville.

    1. What would you like to see there Christine? The rationale behind the low-rise is that it gives a transition between residential townhomes in the south to higher-density commercial in the north approaching the arena and highway.

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