It came in like a wrecking ball: 1518 Stittsville Main Street demolished

Demolition of 1518 Main
Photo courtesy of Marisa Dube

Demolition of the old Bradley’s General Store building at 1518 Stittsville Main Street started at 7am today. By 10am it was a pile of bricks.  A fire destroyed the building in September 2013.  Although it had heritage designation, the building was deemed to be structurally unsound.

No word yet on what will replace the building, or when.

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Fire on Abaca Way caused by a discarded cigarette

Abaca Fire Photo
Photo from the Ottawa Fire Department

Ottawa Fire said this morning via Twitter:

“Yesterday’s fire on Abaca Way was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. Cigarette was put in a planter which caught fire. This is the third fire in a week caused by carelessly discarded smoking material.”

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Here’s what’s in store for the old house and land at 173 Huntmar

173 Huntmar Aerial View
Photo via Bing Maps

A plan of subdvision has been submitted for the land at 173 Huntmar, including the old stone house known as “Boyd House”. The land is located just north of the Fairwinds neighbourhood and Maple Grove Road. You can read the plan and supporting documents here:

A public meeting about the development is planned for Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00pm at Johnny Leroux Arena (upper room), 10 Warner-Colpitts Drive.

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