Lee, Qadri square off over Orgaworld in Rogers 22 tv debate

In a televised debate on Rogers 22, Shad Qadri said he followed the advice of professional engineers and legal experts before he voted in favour of the Orgaworld green bin contract.

The contract is a 20-year, $160-million agreement between the City of Ottawa and Orgaworld for green bin collection service. An auditor’s report released earlier this year said that city staff mis-led councillors during the contract review process.

The contract and the auditor’s report have been a central theme in Dave Lee’s campaign.  Lee, who’s challenging Qadri in this election, said that the contract and lack of due diligence by city staff is “a microcosm of how they’re doing business at City Hall.” Continue reading


Top ten stories on StittsvilleCentral.ca this week

Our list of Tanger Outlet stores, originally published a few weeks back, all of a sudden went viral on Facebook this week and generated about 31,000 pageviews. It was far and way the most popular article on our site. That helped move a few other Tanger-related articles up the list as well.

So instead of presenting a Tanger-heavy top ten list, this week we offer a top 20 list of this week’s most popular articles on StittsvilleCentral.ca for the week of September 21-27.

  1. Shop til you drop: A full list of Tanger Outlet stores (so far)
  2. One-day Etsy marketplace at Sensplex this Saturday
  3. Behind-the-scenes tour of Tanger Outlets
  4. Kathleen Edwards is opening a coffee shop called Quitters on Stittsville Main
  5. Stittsville sisters’ swiming school celebrates success
  6. Can anybody identify these planes?
  7. Kathleen Edwards’ Quitters coffee shop is hiring
  8. Kanata artist and community activitist John Mlacak passes away at age 78
  9. Covered Bridge Brewing plans collaboration with ‘Wiches Cauldron food truck
  10. Attention job hunters: Tanger Outlets is hosting a job fair
  11. The race is on: New candidate in Stittsville Ward election
  12. Cycling from Stittsville to the Ashton Brew Pub
  13. Grand opening of Pho TJ on Stittsville Main Street
  14. Changes coming to 96A and other Stittsville bus routes
  15. City of Ottawa facilities offer free “Try It!” passes until September 28
  16. Round-Up: The Stittsville election on Twitter this week
  17. Fancy yourself an artist? Subway is hiring for new Tanger Outlet location
  18. Here’s the new logo for Quitters Coffee
  19. EXPLAINER: When will Stittsville get a public high school
  20. Stantec employees help with the harvest at Black Family Farm


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Voter notification letters mailed out to Ottawa electors currently on the Voters’ List

(Press release from the City of Ottawa)

The City’s Elections Office sent out approximately 630,000 voter notification letters today to all Ottawa electors currently on the Voters’ List.
The notification contains details on where and when electors can make their mark in the upcoming municipal election. It is also accompanied by a brochure that provides general voting information.
Eligible electors who have not received a notification are still entitled to vote and can find their voting location by using the online voting place search tool on ottawa.ca, or by calling the Elections Office at 613-580-2660 or 3-1-1. The online voting search tool will provide locations of the voting place for the traditional advance dates of October 9 and 18, as well as Voting Day on Monday, October 27.
Electors are also reminded that this year’s municipal election features a three-day Special Advance Voting period, taking place at the three following voting locations from October 1 to 3, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.:
  • Ottawa City Hall, Jean Pigott Place, 110 Laurier Avenue West
  • Ben Franklin Place, Room 1A, 101 Centrepointe Drive
  • Ottawa Public Library, Cumberland Branch, Lori Nash Room, 1599 Tenth Line Road.
Ballots for all wards will be available at these three locations.
When going to the voting place, electors are reminded to bring their notification and an acceptable form of identification that shows proof of name and a qualifying Ottawa address. A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found at ottawa.ca/voterID.


Covered Bridge Brewing plans collaboration with ‘Wiches Cauldron food truck

(Above: Kathy and John vanDyk, owners of Covered Bridge Brewing)

Covered Bridge Brewing is planning a Halloween-themed beer as part of a collaboration with ‘Wiches Cauldron. It’s the latest in a series of partnerships with other Stittsville businesses. Continue reading


Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa Senators announce upgrades to post-game traffic flow

(Press release from the Ottawa Senators)

Canadian Tire Centre (@CdnTireCtr) and the Ottawa Senators (@Senators) announced today, that in partnership with the City of Ottawa, there will be a number of upgrades to the traffic flow following Ottawa Senators games this season. These upgrades, which include traffic flow changes both northbound and southbound on Huntmar Drive, are expected to make a significant improvement in the time it takes for patrons attending Senators games in the time it takes to exit the venue.

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Public notice re: 333 Huntmar Drive

Public notice from the City of Ottawa re: 333 Huntmar Drive

The Council of the City of Ottawa proposes to close a portion of Huntmar Drive that was dedicated as public highway in error by By-law 2014-154.

By-law 2014-154 was passed to establish Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 on Plan 4R 27297 as common and public highway. The described parts were not intended for public highway use, but were transferred to the City through a Site Plan Control application (City File No. D07-12-13-0027) as a stormwater management facility (Part 1) and creek block (Parts 2, 3 and 4).

The Planning Committee will hear, in person or by counsel or agent, any person who applies to be heard concerning this closure. If you have objections, please contact in writing the undersigned on or before October 7th, 2014.

To receive additional information or a copy of a map showing the proposed closure, please contact:

Sean Moore
Planning and Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, extension 16481
E-mail: sean.moore@ottawa.ca


Moore explains: “The Road Closure is technical in nature, and has no impact on any actual part of road which is to be driven.  An error occurred when the Tanger Outlet Centre transferred a creek corridor and stormwater management pond to the City, and this corridor was accidentally classified as a public road.  Thus the notice to close road is to simply remove the classification of ‘road’ from the creek.  A formal process is required to remove the ‘road’ classification from these lands.”


City of Ottawa declares October “Lions of Ottawa Month”

(Press release from the Stittsville District Lions Club)

The Stittsville District Lions Club has worked with the City of Ottawa to declare the month of October ” Lions of Ottawa Month“.

We would like to extend a special welcome to our partners and friends in community service and charitable endeavors to attend this special ceremony to lend support to the city wide contribution of Lions members. The Lions motto is “We Serve” and a good representation of Lion members and their supporters at this event should ensure positive media communication of our long standing presence and commitment to service in the Ottawa community.

A flag raising ceremony and the reading of the proclamation will take place at Ottawa City Hall on Friday October 3, 2014 at 11:30AM. It is planned to have the mayor, our Charter year Lion President and other invited dignitaries participate in the ceremony.

The purpose of the Proclamation and Flag Raising is to promote the rich heritage of community service delivered by 16 separate Lions Clubs within the City of Ottawa since the initial club was founded in 1922. A number of Clubs are enjoying milestone anniversaries in 2014 or the current 2014/15 period of office.

Ottawa-area Lions Clubs and their charter years (first year in operation)
Ottawa-area Lions Clubs and their charter years (first year in operation)


Of special note are the 50th Anniversary of Charter membership being enjoyed this year by the Stittsville District Lions Club and the Richmond and District Lions Club. All 16 Clubs have been encouraged to participate in this special flag raising ceremony with a view to giving recognition to the significant achievements of Ottawa Lions in the areas of community projects, charitable causes and humanitarian efforts.

Until November 16, The Goulbourn Museum launched a new exhibit this week commemorating the Richmond and Stittsville Lions’ 50th anniversary.  More info here.



Huntmar-Campeau roundabout and Huntmar overpass open today

(Press release from the City of Ottawa)

Residents travelling along Huntmar Drive will experience two permanent changes in traffic flow beginning today.

First, Huntmar Drive, north of Palladium Drive, is again open to traffic. This section of Huntmar Drive has been closed due to construction since June 9.

Second, the intersection of Huntmar Drive and Campeau Drive has been turned into a roundabout. The roundabout will be expanded to a two lane roundabout in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it will be operated under construction conditions.

In recent years the City of Ottawa has installed a number of roundabouts, in place of traditional intersections. Roundabouts are easy to use and, more importantly, safer than traditional intersections.

How to use a roundabout (drivers)

  • Reduce speed and watch for pedestrians and cyclists when approaching a roundabout.
  • Look to the left for approaching traffic within the roundabout and be prepared to stop as vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way.
  • Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic and proceed through the roundabout to your exit.
  • Use your right turn signal to indicate your exit.
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists when exiting a roundabout and be prepared to stop if necessary.

Pedestrians are reminded to walk on the sidewalk or path and cross only at the designated crosswalks. Look in the direction of the oncoming traffic and wait for a sufficient gap before entering the crosswalk. Pedestrians should never cross the circular roadway to the central island.

Cyclists have two options for navigating a roundabout. Cyclists may operate as a motor vehicle and take control of the lane by riding in the middle, obeying the same rules as motorists. Otherwise, cyclists may dismount at the crosswalk and use the sidewalks and crosswalks as a pedestrian.

Residents can also visit ottawa.ca to learn how to properly navigate through roundabouts.


Less than a month until annual 9 Run Run fundraiser

This year’s 9 Run Run event is on Saturday, October 18.  It’s a running event that doubles as a fundraiser for The Daron Fund at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Over 1,800 people are expected to participate in the events, including half marathon, 10k, and 2k races.

The race director is Brenda Tirrell, a long-time Stittsville resident and volunteer firefighter in the community.  She sent along a preview of this year’s event.

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Can anybody identify these planes?

Stittsville resident B. R. Ravishankar took these photos early on Tuesday evening.  He’s wondering if anyone knows what the planes were doing:

This evening as I was walking in my neighbourhood in Stittsville, I noticed several long contrails from airplanes. This is nothing unusual, but beautiful to see in clear blue skies. But what intrigued me today was that out of several planes with contrails, only one had another plane traveling right above it, at the same speed, with a much smaller contrail. It looked like a much smaller jet.

Jet contrails on September 24 over Stittsville. Photo by B.R. Ravishankar.
Jet contrails on September 23 over Stittsville. Photo by B.R. Ravishankar.

This is quite unusual, at least to me, since I believe no two planes are allowed to cross paths at the same time even at different elevations. I was curious about whether the media is aware of plane(s) being escorted by NORAD or Canadian airforce jets.


If you know what these planes were up to, leave a comment below or email us at feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca


One-day Etsy marketplace at Sensplex this Saturday

(Photo courtesy of Emily Arbour / Hello Yellow.)

This Saturday, Bell Sensplex (1565 Maple Grove Road) will host a one-day marketplace featuring nearly 200 sellers from Ottawa showcasing their handmade and vintage goods.

It’s one of 23 locations across Canada hosting a one-day marketplace, bringing together local Etsy sellers and communities in celebration of the country’s maker movement. The Kanata event have the most Etsy sellers of any marketplace across the country.

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Behind-the-scenes tour of Tanger Outlets

Grace Odumo of local fashion blog 613 Style recently got a behind-the-scenes look at the Tanger Outlet stores under construction.

We asked her what stood out the most during her visit.

“I think it’s going to be a major hit.  There’s something for men, women and children there to enjoy and if you get bored there’s a lot of seating and an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm,” she said.  “The general layout and canopies will keep the majority of snow away.”

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City of Ottawa facilities offer free “Try It!” passes until September 28

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

The City of Ottawa is offering free passes for City fitness facilities and various classes during the Try It! campaign from September 22 to 28. The free passes can be used for aquafitness, cycling and group fitness classes or access to City fitness centres.

This is the perfect opportunity to check out participating fitness facilities or try a Bootcamp, Zumba or Yoga class. Our affordable prices and convenient locations throughout the city make it easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay active and get fit.

Participating facilities near Stittsville include:

  • Goulbourn Recreation Complex
  • Kanata Leisure Centre
  • Richcraft Recreation Complex – Kanata

For more information, visit ottawa.ca