9-year-old Michael Meehan returns home after second cancer battle

Michael Meehan

(this article was originally published on stittsvegas.com)

A local boy is back home and on the road to defeating cancer a second time after he put the disease into remission about a month ago.

Michael Meehan, 9, first beat leukemia in early 2015 until it returned last October.

Meehan also has down syndrome and a brain malformation, both of which make fighting cancer more difficult.

In December Meehan traveled to a Montreal hospital to receive special cell transfusions, which he recently returned from.

Family friend and fundraiser James Ramsay told Stittsvegas they remain hopeful, but careful.

“Last time Michael got to ring the cancer-free CHEO bell, [cancer] came back,” he said, “… We’re celebrating, but we’re trying to be as cautious as we can about it.”

Meehan will return to Montreal once a month for the next five months to receive more transfusions.

“It’s as back to his normal life as possible right now, but obviously it can be better, and down the road it will be better once his health improves.” Ramsay said.

“I know that they’re extremely happy to be home and to be together again… also for the Stittsville community and everybody who knows the Meehan family well, it’s nice to see the family back together again.”

In December Ramsay started a GoFundMe for the Meehan family, which has raised nearly $15,000. On top of community fundraisers and t-shirt sales, Ramsay said the family will not have to worry about the extra costs of treatment.

“If they do need more funds, then they know they have a large crowd of people willing to support them…”

(Check out an audio interview with Ramsay here…)


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