A message from the principal of Munster Elementary

(The following letter was sent out by the principal of Munster Elementary School today.)

Good afternoon,

Now that our accommodation review for Munster Elementary School is completed, we are pleased to tell you that Munster Elementary school will continue to operate as a Junior Kindergarten through Grade 5 Regular English Program school for the 2015-2016 school year. We continue to welcome new registrations at the school, and we encourage you to register your children as early as possible.

Munster offers a warm and welcoming setting where your children will have the individual attention they need to support their successful learning. As part of the full English curriculum, all students receive daily instruction in French as a second language, and can ultimately proceed towards achieving certification in French language proficiency by the end of secondary school. An active school council encourages parents’ participation in their children’s education and draws strong community support. Should you have questions about the program or registration process, please contact the Munster Elementary School office directly at (613) 838-3133. If you’d like to visit the school, arrangements can be made with Principal Rebecca Shields.


Rebecca Shields
Munster Elementary School


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