A new community project for the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society

The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society (SGHS) is our local gardening club with members coming from Stittsville, Richmond, Munster, and Ashton. As part of their mandate, they take on community projects to help beautify our community. This year the SGHS has chosen the Lee Boltwood Park as their ongoing project. The park is located in the Bradley Commons neighbourhood on Abbott Street, East (just past the roundabout).

Plans for Lee Boltwood Park include a pollinator garden in the smaller of two flowers beds, daffodil bulb planting this fall, and a pathway crossing the berm for children to enjoy as they see the flowers in the beds. In the spring, the Society will be planting donated drought tolerate and native plants. The park will be on ongoing project for the SGHS and the members look forward to taking it on.

The President of SGHS, Judith Cox, tells Stittsville Central that, “there is much work to be done to prepare the park for planting. The longer flower bed requires edging and definition. The weed-infested berm, well, that needs to be weeded.” The Society is looking at October 2nd to start the initial work at the park. A day will also be planned to plant the daffodil bulbs. The berm will have to carefully weeded as there are many useful wildflowers already growing that SGHS want to see remain.

Judith has been in contact with a fellow gardener who has agreed to assist with the design elements. A large number of community members use the park regularly and want to volunteer to help out as well. Judith wants to concentrate on the weeding, cleaning and planning the variety of plants before any are put in place.

The SGHS maintain the flowers and plants at several sites around Stittsville including the ‘Welcome to Stittsville’ sign at our main entrance at Hazeldean Road and Main Street. Every year, the members fill the planters at Village Square Park with a variety of plants and flowers. They also maintain the flower box at the Remembrance Day Memorial located at the Johnny Leroux community centre. Cleaning the Capital is an event in which they participate every year cleaning a portion of various roads or pathways in Stittsville.

Volunteers helped clean up the area around the Stittsville sign. Photo via the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society
(Volunteers helped clean up the area around the Stittsville sign. Photo: Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society)

Judith ended, “this is a great ongoing project for our club and a great way to help those who enjoy the park. Any questions, concerns and suggestions please contact me at sghorticultural@gmail.com.” 

A volunteer organization, the members unite to share their interest and enthusiasm in all things gardening. Should you wish to find out more about the SGHS, volunteer for this exciting project at the Lee Boltwood Park, or join as a member, visit their website.


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