A Stittsville landmark reminiscent of the past

Editor’s Note: Perpetua Quigley is a local artist who is capturing Stittsville through her watercolour sketches. She is sharing her artwork and Haiku with the community to preserve what our history holds. We brought you her first pieces in March, the Bradley-Craig barn and Sparks home, this is another to be appreciated. We look forward to sharing Perpetua’s talent and the focal points portrayed in her art and through her Haiku for each sketch.

village graphic lines
barn’s mansard roof and dormers
water tower looms

With pride and appreciation for the community setting of Ottawa West, I’ve painted a watercolour sketch of a crossroad between Stittsville and Carp on Hazeldean Road leading from Kanata. The subject is a combination of architectural and engineering designs which are a beacon on the crossroads between suburban and agriculture living.

Built in 2002 by owners Marc and Line Gendron of Gendron Antiques, the 10,000 square foot red barn is a landmark on Hazeldean Road in Stittsville. The artistic blend of engineering and architectural slope of the gambrel/mansard roof and dormers maximizes space of an attic into a livable/workable space by increasing the volume of the interior. The metal roofing protects the most vulnerable section of a building from the elements of Canadian winters of snow, ice, rain and heat. Upon Marc and Line’s retirement from the business, the red barn was bought and repurposed as a dental office by Dr. Cathy Deschênes and Dr. Michael Poitras of Red Barn Dental.

The elevated water tower is as distinctive as a lighthouse to the sea. Stittsville’s water tower is part of the Ottawa west’s water supply and provides safe drinking water to the community. (Stittsville quartier ward six, Apr 27, 2019)

The inclusion of the hydro pole and potheads in this sketch is a tribute to the essential services offered by trades people who work to ensure residents have power and electricity. The hydro pole reflects the repurposed use of pine trees surrounding the barn.

If you have suggestions of landmarks in the vicinity, please direct message Perpetua on instagram #perpetuaquigley or provide a comment to feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca.


6 thoughts on “A Stittsville landmark reminiscent of the past”

  1. Very nice painting, very well done. Lots of nice memories there, we met great people/friends over the years…. Thank you!

  2. Wow, thank you Perpetua Quigley! It’s great to see such a beautiful and great homage to our iconic and loved barn. We will do it honor and keep this barn and your image of it forever! Dr Mike at Red Barn Dental

    1. Thank you, Dr.Mike for your kind words. That means a lot. I wish you every success and good health in your practice.


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