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Keeping residents more informed, interested and engaged in our community. That’s my mission at StittsvilleCentral.ca.

This is an independent, community-driven web site published with the generous help of writers, photographers and other contributors from the neighbourhood.

Glen Gower
Glen Gower

I’ve been a Stittsville resident since 2009 and an Ottawa resident for nearly 40 years. My friend Trevor Eggleton recently said, “people who live in a community aren’t just residents in the community, they’re participants in the community.”  This is my way of contributing something back.

Stittsville is growing and changing so quickly.  What was once a quiet rural village is now one of Ottawa’s fastest growing suburbs.  Who are the interesting new people and businesses driving the growth?  And what affect does this growth have on the people who live here?   How do we maintain the values and charm of the old village as we continue to grow?  These are the stories that I’m interested in sharing here.

–Glen Gower