Accordion bus trial run for route 262

Stittsville bus commuters may want to sit down for this news: OC Transpo is testing out a bigger bus on route 262.

Here’s a note from Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter:

I would like to take this opportunity to advise you that starting on Thursday, October 22 and for the next two weeks, the 262 express bus that leaves from Fernbank and Liard at approximately 6:57 a.m. will be using a larger articulated bus.  This is to address overcrowding concerns that my office has received from several area users in relation to this specific route.

Articulated buses are very much in demand through the City routes by many public transit users. In order for a route to be considered for an articulated bus the route must meet and sustain ridership capacity.

For the next two weeks, OC Transpo Planning staff will be taking passenger counts on this trip regularly for the next two weeks. Once the data is collected and reviewed a decision will be made whether this particular run will continue to use the articulated bus or reverts back to a regular sized bus.

I invite you to continue to contact my office should you have further concerns. It is with your input that I can continue to work with OC Transpo on improving the service you receive going forward.


2 thoughts on “Accordion bus trial run for route 262”

  1. Meh. 262 is an express and those are not cheap!

    I take the 96 everyday, even when articulated it’s crowded. I wonder what the criteria is for double deckers, because that would be perfect for the 96 I think!

  2. Is OC Transpo aware that the University of Ottawa is having Reading Week from October 25-31? That’s got to significantly lower the passenger count !

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