Add to the ‘Poppies of Goulbourn’ art installation

This past Spring the Goulbourn Museum asked residents to crotchet poppies for their wall of poppies – the response was fantastic. However, there is still time to add your handmade poppies to the exhibit entitled, “Poppies of Goulbourn” and for that reason are presenting the opportunity again.

This year’s goal for the Museum is to cover the entire roof with poppies. “This art installation is a visual reminder of the military contributions made over the years by the men and women of Goulbourn and celebrates our history as Ottawa’s first military community,” says Tracey Donaldson, Manager and Exhibitions Curator. “Please join us, from the comfort of your home, in honouring those who have served.”

Not expecting the Museum to still be closed in August, the Museum staff are currently coordinating a contactless drop-off for those who have made poppies. They will be providing an update shortly on when and how the poppies can be dropped off.

In the interim, if you still want to get in on this historical art installation, the Museum have provided instructions to crotchet the poppies. Below are the instructions to help meet their goal of covering the roof this year.

  • Poppies must be either 3 inches square or 5 inches square (approximately) and will be sewn into our 1¾ inch netting – one 3 inch poppy will cover one square and one 5 inch poppy will cover an area of four squares on the net.
  • Poppy colours should follow the current Canadian Legion poppy campaign colours (see examples of inspiration photographs attached with this project) and should be a vibrant red with a charcoal black centre.
  • All yarn used for this project will need to be synthetic because of the outdoor elements.

If you would like further information, email the Museum at:


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