Advance vote in Carleton was second highest in Canada, says Global analysis

Federal election signs on Stittsville Main Street.

Nearly a quarter of Carleton residents, or 24.19% voted in advance polls, according to an analysis by Global News. That’s the second-highest in the country.

To come up with the number, Global News took advance voting estimates from Elections Canada, along with the number of Canadian citizens over 18 in each riding, according to the 2011 National Household Survey from Statistics Canada.

Global says it isn’t a perfect estimate, since the population has increased since 2011.

A total of 15,420 Carleton voters cast a ballot at advance polls.  Elections Canada says 3.6 million electors voted at advance polls across the country, marking a 71% increase since the 2011 election.

Elections Canada notes that these numbers are estimates, and that not all polls may have yet been reported.




2 thoughts on “Advance vote in Carleton was second highest in Canada, says Global analysis”

  1. That’s a scary thought since Carleton is a bastion of socialist Progressivism. You know, Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed that I have sown will never be uprooted.” Can you imagine the kind of damage to our Canadian values for the past 50 years from socialist, unionized teachers and professors K through U?

    1. King, you find it scary that a quarter of people voted in advanced polls, because you think that the Carleton riding is made up of mostly communists? That doesn’t make any sense, because it’s usually an overwhelming conservative riding. Except, people are fed up with the survival of the fittest, anti-progressive reform style conservatism. Whether Carleton will break free from this, remains to be seen. But none of this has anything to do with communism because we don’t have anything that even resembles communism in Canada.

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