ALE is giving back with a community care fundraiser for month of March

As a small local business in Stittsville, ALE – Amberwood Lounge & Eatery understands the toll that this pandemic has taken on grassroots and community-inspired work. Whether you are a non-profit, an extra-curricular initiative, sports team, or raising funds for the betterment of a person (or family), ALE is thinking about you! 

The restaurant wants to provide meaningful opportunities for exposure, fundraising and growth to our neighbors. Do you know an Ottawa-based organization in need of contribution? During the month of March, ALE is offering a take-out fundraiser, on select dates, to assist the many groups and families that are in need.

Ben O’Neil, Assistant General Manager, told Stittsville Central, “we’re beyond proud to be active neighbours in our community. Stittsville has shown us at ALE and many other small businesses in the area that they’re rooting for our success beyond this pandemic and care to help us through the storm.”

Ben noted the importance of supporting the community. “While many people are just now learning about us for the first time, we also want to highlight many community-led organizations and initiatives, working just as tirelessly to earn local support to provide valuable social services, helping hands or leadership building. Local charities, volunteer organizations  and sports leagues, just to name a few, have been just as hard hit during this pandemic as small businesses. At ALE, we believe that our responsibility goes beyond washing our hands, masking up and socially distancing. We’re looking for ways to which we can support those front-line volunteers and non-profit leaders during this second wave and believe in the power of our Stittsville neighbours to join us in this initiative.”

You can support this fundraiser and help others by ordering take-out! ALE will be donating 10% of food sales to chosen organizations. Complete with social media exposure and an additional e-cash donation portal on their website, ALE is eager to support your group and spread the word about all that you do.

For further information you can contact Benjamin O’Neil via email or visit their website here.

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