Algonquin student Lillian Knoops – a welcome addition to Stittsville Central

(Lillian Knoops, from Algonquin College, has chosen Stittsville Central for her co-op placement starting March 15.)

2021 is the third year that Stittsville Central is welcoming a student from the Algonquin College professional writing program to fulfill their co-op placement requirements. Lillian Knoops will be joining us starting Monday, March 15 and we are delighted that she will be a part of our team. Lillian is looking forward to writing and sharing stories about the local people, businesses and activities in our community.

Lillian comes from a small town outside of Stratford in Southern Ontario and brings plenty of experience to our team. She moved to Ottawa when she was accepted to Carleton University for a degree in English. From there, she moved over to Algonquin where she received her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She then entered into the Professional Writing Program and has been on the Dean’s Honours list for two semesters.

Lillian served as Managing Editor for the student blog The Analysis of Character on Spine Online, the website for the Professional Writing program. She has also worked with a group preparing the students’ submitted works for publication either in The Algonquin Times college newspaper or for Spine Online.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Lesley on Stittsville Central! I look forward to helping accomplish Stittsville Central’s mission of keeping your community informed, interested, and engaged,” Lillian expressed.

The last six weeks of the Algonquin program, allows students to commit their time to a work placement enabling each student to hone their writing and editing skills while gaining relevant work experience. Please send any stories of interest or happenings you wish to have shared with the community to Lillian at

Stittsville Central is proud to support the many young writers in the Algonquin College professional writing program — providing the opportunity for students to hone their skills and gain relevant work experience.


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