Amanda Bon and Danny Artuso at Gaia Java this Friday


Amanda Bon and Danny Artuso
Amanda Bon and Danny Artuso

Amanda and I have been in touch by email for well over a year, and this summer we finally met, thanks to the hospitality of the Ambassador of Sweden! So I am pleased to announce that at last Amanda will be coming in to sing and play for the good people of Stittsville, supported and abetted by amazing guitarist Danny Artuso (who has, I believe, graced us on a previous occasion!).

Amanda Bon formed a band in 2010 with the goal of recording her first collection of carefully crafted songs, and in September 2011 they released their debut album, ‘Juniper Weekends’. They recently released a second CD, ‘Down the Road’, under their newly adopted band name, “Amanda Bon and The Outskirts”. Her band includes some of Ottawa’s most seasoned and talented players, and they have been playing regularly in and around town, steadily building a loyal fan base and gaining attention from local media.

For this Friday’s performance Amanda’s guitar and vocals will be complemented by additional guitar and vocals from Danny, and especially Danny’s filigree pedal steel guitar decorations. Whether you want a chorus you can tap your foot to, impressive instrumentals, strong lyrical content or catchy melodies, you’ll love this duo with their clean arrangements and beautifully-blended voices.

Check out some of the tracks at her website:

The music nights start at 7pm, and as usual there is no charge, but we do have a ‘jar’ for donations to support the musicians, and we hope that you will buy a drink or two (and maybe something tasty to eat!)

See more details at where you can also review the listing of upcoming music night performers over the next month or so – everything from University students to seasoned professionals who are willing to come and share their talents with you.

Amanda Bon and Danny Artuso are at Gaia Java on Stittsville Main Street on Friday, October 16 at 7:00pm.


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