ART OF THE POSSIBLE: Barn raising, not barn razing

Bose Farm in Surrey, British Columbia

If you’re having trouble picturing how a heritage farm could be incorporated into a modern suburban environment, a project in Surrey, B.C. might spark your imagination.

Rempel Development Group, a company based in Abbottsford, B.C, has made the historic Bose Farm, built in 1936, the centrepiece of a townhouse project.

The farm dates to 1892 and the development will include 85 acres of the original 340-acre piece of farmland.  They’re building 253 units in four low-rise buildings.

“The barnyard will look like what it would have in 1936,” said John Rempel, president of RDG Management Ltd., told Business In Vancouver in 2013. “It will be a pretty spectacular building. It will be very significant, very prominent on the hill.”

“It was important … so that people in the future would have an idea what a farm looked like up on the hill,” he said.

The company has made heritage a centre piece of their marketing.  Check out their photo gallery for more pics and video.

Perhaps it could serve as inspiration for our friends at Richcraft and their plans for the Bradley-Craig farmstead.


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