Arts in the Park 2019 – another success for Stittsville Village Association

The ‘Park was full’ so Doug Sutherland, organizer of Arts in the Park, was one happy person. The first real day of summer weather probably helped too!

Another year of success for the Stittsville Village Association‘s (SVA) event had over 90 vendors, with crowds providing lots of bustle in Village Square Park on June 9th. There was everything local to celebrate the arts from — authors, artists, musical talent, artisans, crafts, food and children’s activities. There was even a nice comfy couch for seniors to rest and catch their breath.

Here are just a few photos of captured moments —


Doug and the SVA can congratulate themselves on an annual event that is well-attended and looked forward to by the residents of Stittsville and beyond.

(Doug Sutherland (l), Arts in the Park organizer, and Tyler Kealey (r), one of the many performers at Arts in the Park)

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