Back for its third and final season – Stittsville on Patrol returns on TV1

(The award-winning series that captured hearts, minds, and a 6-foot-long ball python this season is back with a vengeance on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023.)

It’s back – Stittsville on Patrol returns to TV screens everywhere starting March 29th. The little show that could, did – and is almost done. For now. After launching to record ratings for TV1, then breaking mobile viewership records for season 2, Stittsville on Patrol is going out on top – taking its wildest swings yet with season 3. The community TV series based in Stittsville reached a three-season internal ceiling with Bell Fibe, and can now turn pro.

“This is either the end of the story, or the origin story,” says series creator Christopher Redmond.

(Christopher Redmond appears at the International Film Festival – Ottawa. (Photo: IFFO)

Last time viewers saw neighbourhood watch leader Simon Bauche (S2E12 – The Town Jewell), he was being arrested for calling in a (non) bomb threat. Season 3 sees Simon leverage the couple hours he spent behind bars to face new gangs, ghosts, snakes, and porch pirates, while trying to gain supernatural powers – and even a partner – for his unpaid patrols.

(For its third season, Simon Bauche, and some co-horts, can be found up to new antics and crime solving in the Stittsville community where he resides. Photo: Stittsville on Patrol)

“It’s hard to sound sincere about a series that’s all about exaggerating every situation”, says Redmond, “but the genuine enthusiasm for this show has been so heartening. Fan art, themed Halloween displays, birthday appearance requests – even our patrol car being acquired by the Goulbourn Museum – is so fun. We keep getting excited feedback from elementary school kids, drop-out stoners, responsible parents, and retired seniors. I really don’t know our key demographic – but it’s not just Stittsville.”

Cameos and new characters this season include former CBC news anchor Adrian Harewood (playing a version of himself), The Athletic’s Ian Mendes (recreating the 1989 Pickleball Massacre), and pizza box folding sensation (turned real-life psychic) Breanna Gray from the 2019 Oscar-winning film Parasite. Plus, of course, series star Benjamin Milks once again performs all his own dangerous stunts and puns.

All season 3 episodes will be live starting March 29th, 2023 on TV1, Bell Fibe. At Stittsville Central, we have enjoyed this outrageous series over the past two years and are sad to learn that it is coming to an end. Say it isn’t so!


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