Beware of a scam using the Ottawa Police main phone number and 9-1-1

The Ottawa Police Service Fraud Unit is advising the community of recent scams involving phone numbers similar to the Ottawa Police Service, including 9-1-1 and their main phone number, 613-236-1222.

In one case, a fraudster claimed to be a police officer with Service Canada and told the victim that their Social Insurance Number (SIN) had been used in a scam. Money was requested from the victim to assist with an investigation.

In a second case, the fraudster called a victim and said he was from the Canada Revenue Agency. During one of the calls, “9-1-1” actually appeared on the phone screen display. The fraudster claimed an outstanding tax balance that should be paid with Google Play Cards.

It should be noted that the actual Ottawa Police phone number (613-236-1222) will not show up on your call display when you are receiving a legitimate call from the Ottawa Police.

Anyone who receives unsolicited calls or e-mails from someone requesting money or personal information should first verify directly with the agency in question, before responding.

For more information on this and other frauds, please follow @FraudOttawa or visit the Ottawa Police Service website for more tips


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