Update: OPEN HOUSE on March 6 – 7:00-9:00pm – Goulbourn Rec Complex – Bold new development proposed for Stittsville Main

Attend this Open House to ask questions of the developer and architect who will both be in attendance to answer your inquiries. Whether you are in favour or opposed to this new development, make your thoughts known through this meeting or by sending your feedback to city planner Stream Shen at stream.shen@ottawa.ca or by phone at 613-580-2424 ext. 24488.

Huntington Properties have put forth a proposal, prepared by Fontenn Planning + Design, to the City of Ottawa to construct a new retail and apartment development on Stittsville Main at the corner of Orville Street. The proposal also includes seven townhouse units to be built at the back of the property in front of the existing condominiums.

The building will be four stories high. The ground floor will be used for retail space with the top three stories consisting of apartments. It is planned that 44 apartments will make up the top three stories.

Proposed is a private driveway, with the entry and exit off of Orville, to run between the building and the townhouses to be built. The townshouses will have laneways and garages. Parking for the residents of the building will be underground. Retail and visitor parking will be at the rear of the building, with more parking allotted on Main Street in front of the building. The OC Transpo bus stop would be relocated.

In the proposal, it was noted that: “in the City’s Official Plan, there are many ways to achieve design policies, objectives and principles in the Plan. The following provides a design analysis and narrative on how the proposed mid-rise infill building has been shaped in response to the local context and the existing site conditions”.

There has been no official public consultation opportunity put forth by the City; however, Councillor Glen Gower has indicated that he will be organizing a public meeting in early March. In the interim, to find out more about this proposed development, you can read the proposal documents at the following link: https://app01.ottawa.ca/postingplans/appDetails.jsf?lang=en&appId=__ACSSNZ.

For interest, you can read Stittsville’s most recent Main Street Community Design Plan here:  https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/default/files/documents/stittsville_main_cdp_en.pdf.


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