Bradley-Craig farm sits on land that’s worth $1-million per acre

Bradley-Craig Barn. Photo by Joe Newton.

(ABOVE: “Bradley-Craig Barn (detail)” – Photo by Joe Newton.)

Anyone who wants to redevelop the Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean Road is going to have some deep pockets.  The serviced land it’s sitting on is worth about $1-million per acre, according to city councillor Shad Qadri.

Qadri gave an update on the status of the Bradley-Craig farmstead to members of the Goulbourn Township Historical Society (GTHS) at their annual general meeting today at Stittsville United Church in Munster.

Qadri says he spoke with a representative from Richcraft, the company that owns the land, last week.  He asked about what kind of money it would take for the City or a private buyer to purchase the property that the barn is on.

The barn sits on a four-acre section of the Richcraft property that has heritage designation.  That means the purchase price could be as much as $4-million if the entire piece of heritage land was sold.  (The four acres is about 25% of the total land owned by Richcraft at that location.)

Qadri says Richcraft has had no concrete interest from anyone interested in buying or renovating the barn, but Richcraft is interested in maintaining the barn and doing something with it.  The company has yet to submit a site plan application for the land the barn is on.

Kevin Yemm, a planner with Richcraft, told earlier this month that the company will work within the guidelines of the Heritage Act and Planning Act when they develop the site. The barn is not currently for sale.

“Renovations, land value and leasing have to be considered,” he says.  “We hope to find a way to integrate the buildings into the planned mixed use function as outlined in the Fernbank CDP (Community Design Plan),” said Yemm.

Qadri says last year he had a conversation with the owners of Saunders Farm about relocating the barn to their property in Munster, but that’s unlikely to happen.  Moving the barn from it’s current location would diminish its heritage value, and may not be permitted given its heritage status.

Qadri also told the GTHS that structurally, the barn is in excellent shape.

“I have yet to see a nail or piece of metal or a hinge poking out inside,” he said.  “It is solid.  The outside boards are deteriorating but the inside structure is very solid.”

He’d like to see the barn re-modelled so that a combination of small businesses can operate inside, for example medical offices.

Bradley-Craig Barn. Photo by Joe Newton
Bradley-Craig Barn. Photo by Joe Newton



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