Breakfast programs and All That Glam – seventh year of fundraising for the North

Seven years ago, Stittsville Sacred Heart High School student, Eva von Jagow, came across the staggering rates of malnourishment and under-nourishment in a part of our own country, in the beautiful territory of Nunavut. Shocked by how many young people would not begin their day without a healthy breakfast, Eva started a fundraising initiative to address this social injustice. She was taken aback by the prices of food in Nunavut and “realized that her own family would not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, or the high quality of food they were used to if they lived in the Far North”. Eva knew her family could not afford a $18 lettuce, $28 cabbage or a $12 single pepper, and certainly not on a regular basis. These facts became a heartbreaking realization, but they also became a call to action.

With an enthusiastic committee, and a terrific team of volunteers, that fundraiser, called All That Glam, began collecting previously loved jewelry and handbags from local women. That first sale raised nearly $9,000 and raised considerable awareness about a part of our country where children go hungry. Now in its 7th year, the committee works tirelessly to collect and up-cycle donated items to sell at its annual sale at the end of November.

This year’s event is taking place on November 30th at the Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Charlie Rogers Place, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. The sale is a great opportunity to pick up some special gifts, not only for Christmas, but birthdays and other special days. Consider this – you are not only ‘shopping’, but championing a worthy cause of donating funds to essential school breakfast programs in Nunavut.

In 2017, Eva and Karen took the trip to Nunavut to personally see just what their fundraising efforts had given to the breakfast program, where and what need for nutritious food in the North was considered necessary. They saw for themselves the appreciation from the parents of the children how important their work was.

Through their not-for-profit organization, DueNORTH Canada, they have raised over $130,000 and work in partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada. Today, you can find their breakfast program at Sakku School in Coral Harbour and they are now funding a second program at the Levi Angmak School in Arviat.

All That Glam has become one of the alluring events of the year attracting a wide swath of shoppers from far and wide. Previous comments have been numerous and full of praise for the shopping experience. One woman said, “All that Glam is like a Women’s Wonderland – coffee, jewelry and handbags at ridiculously affordable prices!!; another “All That Glam is one of Ottawa’s most anticipated Holiday Shopping Events”; and “if you’re into up-cycling, thrifting, or just going easy on our planet, All that Glam is the place to do your Christmas shopping!” said another.

Fighting world hunger starts in our own backyard. Tackle Canadian food insecurity by following DueNorth on Facebook, and Instagram @DueNORTHCanada or visit their website to donate. Help Us Nurture Possibilities!

Enough cannot be said about this daughter, who realized a need, and mother fundraising duo who felt it in their hearts to provide vital nutrition to the children of the North. So commendable! Do not miss out on this exciting, but laudable shopping experience.



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