Bryan Adams stopped in at Quitters on Saturday afternoon

UPDATE, MARCH 15:  Kathleen posted photographic evidence of the visit to her Instagram account. “Yes he did love my vegan carrot loaf.”
Bryan Adams and Kathleen Edwards


It’s the biggest celebrity sighting in Stittsville since Rich Little dropped in at the Timmy’s a few weeks back.

Music superstar Bryan Adams stopped by Quitters Coffee on Saturday afternoon, and had a coffee with owner/musician Kathleen Edwards.

They also dropped in at Ivan’s Meat and Deli, but owner Ivan Saric didn’t realize who it was until later.

“Holy smokes! Kathleen was at my shop this afternoon with a guy wearing sunglasses and I was too busy at the time to chat much (was at my table cutting) and now just realized it was Bryan Adams with her,” wrote owner Ivan Saric on’s Facebook page. “I’m a huge fan and can mouth the word to every song on Reckless! My God! I can’t belive that just happened!”

Adams and Edwards have collaborated before, including a performance together at the 2009 Juno awards. She’s also toured with him and has  back-up on one of his albums.

Adams performed at Canadian Tire Centre on Friday night and is on his way to Kingston for a show there this evening.



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