Updates to Bryanston Gate Park plan include gazebo and more sand

Bryanston Park concept

Thank you to everyone who provided comments on the plans for the park improvements at Bryanston Gate Park.

The concept includes new structures and playground features to replace the existing structures and adding new, updated play elements to the park. The two bay swing will be updated to include an accessible swing, bucket swing and two belt swings. New accessible wood fibre fall surface (woodchips) will replace sand, meeting Canadian Safety Association standards and making the play structures and swings accessible. An additional asphalt pathway and ramps, bench and litter container will complete the project.

The City endeavoured to provide as much play value and variety as possible in the playground area while meeting the new CSA and Accessibility standards.   Working with city staff, we have prioritized the community requests for additional elements adding a new gazebo and also increased the sand play area.

I have committed to a contribution of $40,000 from the Ward 6 Cash-in-lieu budget which allows for the addition of a $35,000 gazebo and $5,000 sand play area and sandbox to the project. While the City does not have the sufficient funds to add additional trees, benches and picnic tables to the lifecycle renewal budget, there is the potential the community may wish to fund raise and apply for the City’s Community Partnership Minor Capital Program for additional park improvements.

The plans for the park will be similar to those presented to the community available here.  An updated concept plan will be available in the coming weeks, which I will share in my eNewsletter.  We look forward to improving the park by completing the renewal project this year. If you have any questions or comments please contact the City Planner, Louise Cerveny or myself.

(This post originally appeared on Councillor Shad Qadri’s web site.)


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