Bryanston Gate community meeting on June 16

Bryanston Gate

Neighbours in the Bryanston Gate community are organizing a meeting on Thursday, June 16.

“Join us, your neighbours, to discuss some current municipal issues. From local concerns, such as repurposing the northern end of Johnwoods Street into a linear park, to changes in the City of Ottawa’s water rate structure, we need to be in on the discussion.

This meeting is completely community-led, and will have a loosely structured agenda. After all, the purpose is to determine what the collective neighbourhood wants to discuss. We’ll also gauge interest in establishing regularly scheduled meetings, or perhaps even a more formal community association.

Whether a formal group is established or not, the ability to communicate with one another inclusively and efficiently is important.”

The meeting will be held at 7:00pm at the Carolark Canine Training Centre (5933 Hazeldean) in the lower level classroom – please use the back entrance off Hartin Street.

You can also sign up to the Bryanston Gate Community E-mail List by sending a request to:

For more information you can use the email above or call 613-816-0166.

Neighbours organizing the meeting include Alison, Shelley & David Lynch, Carol and Mike Lenz and Cherlene McEnery.


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