Bryanston Gate residents will start a community association

Bryanston Gate

Residents in Bryanston Gate are closer than ever to getting their own community association.

Last week, about 50 residents held a meeting to discuss forming an official association, confirming to organizers there is enough interest in the idea to move forward.

One organizer, Dorothy Williamson, says they have pressing concerns about development in and around the neighborhood.

“I think that we need a community association so that we have a voice in what happens in our neighborhood,” she said. “…We used to be a hidden community, and we all of a sudden have a lot of changes happening in and around us.”

When the group is created, their first action will be to examine the city’s plans for the neighborhood. The closure of Johnwoods Street and development around Maple Grove Road are top-of-mind issues right now in Bryanston Gate, according to Williamson.

“That’s our main goal, to have a look and see what their future plans are. We’re also wanting to work very closely with [The Fairwinds Community Association] in opposing the closure of Johnwoods Street.”

She said the group hopes to work with other groups in the area, such as the Fairwinds and the Stittsville Village associations, to play a role in the larger community.

Timeline-wise, the group plans to have a few more meetings over the summer and expects to be officially created sometime in the fall.

For more information you can join the Bryanston Gate neighbours group on Facebook.


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    1. I know of six:
      – Stittsville Village Association
      – Fairwinds Community Association
      – Jackson Trails Community Association
      – Crossing Bridge Community Association
      – Stittsville South Community Association
      – Amberwood Village Recreation Association

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