Cameras start rolling for Stittsville on Patrol – Season 2

(A shoot on the outdoor set for the Stittsville on Patrol series – June 25, 2021 at Mary Durling Park in Stittsville. Photos: Stittsville Central.)

Season 1 was big – Season 2 can only be bigger for Bell FibeTV. For the fans of Stittsville on Patrol (SOP), chances are this past week you have seen the star of the series, Simon Bauche (played brilliantly by Ben Milks), keeping us safe as he patrols the streets of Stittsville. We hear there was a case of nudity on Stittsville Main last Friday involving a concentrated effort and hand’s on investigation by Simon.

Stittsville Central was there to capture a live shoot at Mary Durling Park. Britt gave the Take 1 cue and the action began as the quick-witted Milks delivered his hilariously filled action and comedic lines. You’ll just have to watch to see the extreme outcome of this episode. But we share some teaser photos!

Christopher Redmond, Director and the idea man behind the series, is a steadfast supporter of local film production. He was instrumental in creating the Bell Media Ottawa division of Bell FibeTV. Working in the local film industry for several years, and working on SOP, Christopher says, “Stittsville on Patrol has supplied the most fun I’ve filmed in years.”

Season 1 was a success with a larger than life audience tuning in to SOP. Albeit, this success has not seen Christopher living the life of luxury, “most people would have sailed off into the sunset with that kind of success. Not us. We need, like, 300 more seasons until we can afford a boat.”

Ben piped in, “when they asked me to sign the contract, they promised a yacht.” He settles for a dozen kids on bikes who are star-struck when they discover just who he is. He finally has an entourage!

Between rain and an injury, the SOP team perseveres through filming. After all there is important work to do to capture those flouting any by-laws. The team behind the show, led by Christopher, are all professional in their own right with Susannah Heath-Eves as the Production Manager keeping the team in motion; Nick Lacelle is the Director of Photography capturing the all-important moves; Dom Llanos is the action guy as the Camera Operator; with Britt Delgaty as the Camera Assistant; no show is complete without sound and Adam Bowick has that responsibility and the final cut goes to Fangliang Xu as the Editor.

(Sorry Ben, er Simon, the true star of this episode is 3-year old Norah Dolan who played the most important role as an extra.)

Celebrity-intern Ben Milks has done almost a dozen push-ups to prepare for his role as the neighbour-watch master Simon Bauche, fighting unspeakable and covert suburban crimes. He’ll go deep undercover – and underground – to return Stittsville to its former glory and save Ottawa’s best suburb from every single Shawn.

Episodes for Season 2 start up in September on Bell Fibe TV1. Don’t miss out on Season 2 – follow You can watch the Season 1 episodes via the website to YouTube.


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