Can you identify the ladies in this old photo?

Mystery photo from Fourth Avenue / Pullman

EDITOR’S NOTE, JANUARY 30: The women in this photo were identified, but we’ve taken down the photo at the request of the family. Here’s the background.

Earlier this month, Carol Wittebol’s husband Ron was doing home repairs on Pullman Avenue found an old photo of four women under a cold air return cover.  They turned to Facebook to see if they could find out who was in the photo.

“Before we knew it, we had 51 shares,” says Wittebol.

One of those shares ended up reaching a Stittsville woman, whose husband recognized the people in the photo as members of his family. They got in touch with Wittebol and arranged to meet up.

They met this past Sunday and traded some stories about the women in the photo as well as the house in which they used to live.

“I must admit that this event has brought a lot of joy and fun to all of us involved and because of it, we have made some lovely new acquaintances,” Wittebol wrote to in an email.

We were all set to share some of those stories with our readers, when we were contacted today by the family of the people in the photo who asked us to remove it due to privacy concerns.

We’re happy to comply with their request.  We can’t reveal the whole story, except to say that the family who lost the photo was happy to have it back after all these years.

Some good reminders here about the power of social media to connect people together, but also the perils of social media when it comes to privacy.



UPDATE: The women in this photo have been identified. We’ll share more details soon.

From Carol Wittebol on Facebook:

“Yesterday my husband was doing some work in our bedroom which required him to remove the cold air return cover. He found a treasure in there! Well, it’s someone else’s treasure, not ours. For us, it’s more of a mystery. Do any of my friends living in our area recognize anyone in this photo? My guess its that it’s from the 70’s…..our home was formerly Fourth Avenue in Stittsville, now known as Pullman Avenue. We do know that this photo was not taken in our home. I’d love to locate someone in this photo and return it to them. Thank you friends for any light you can shed.”

If you think you know these women, please add a comment below or send us a note at and we will pass the info on to Carol.


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