Capital Crystals brings the metaphysical to Stittsville

On the hunt for crystals, sage, or incense? Look no further than Stittsville Main! Ashley Hayes is bringing the metaphysical to the community with the opening of her store, Capital Crystals, on July 1st.

Located at 1563 Stittsville Main Street (right next to Jo-Jo’s), Capital Crystals sells crystals, sage, incense, and other metaphysical supplies, as well as jewellery with semi-precious stones, all imported right from the original sources. In addition, the store offers Reiki and Tarot along with astrological readings.

Owner Ashley Hayes has a larger plan for the store. She’d like to provide retreats within the Ottawa area, focusing on yoga, meditation, relaxation, and spiritualism. Kickstarting this is a special event being held the last week of August: “We have a witch coming from Ireland to perform a workshop – a 101 of sorts,” explains Ashley. She’d also love to host children’s birthday parties, adding a metaphysical twist to celebrations.

Choosing to base Capital Crystals in Stittsville “just made sense,” says Ashley, “it seems like such a central hub for community. Stittsville seems to have more of that small town feel that we were looking for that I respect and love.” Ashley is proud to bring the metaphysical to the community. “I love and respect all the metaphysical shops within the surrounding Ottawa area; however, the one thing that I’ve heard over and over again is that Stittsville was missing a place for people to buy their sage and crystals. Some people just can’t make it all the way to Almonte or Carleton Place. I definitely experience this myself. As a disabled person who has a hard time driving, I found myself just ordering sage and metaphysical supplies off Amazon…and we never really knew the source of anywhere that we were buying items from.”

Ashley adds that Capital Crystals is an all-inclusive space. “Ironically and coincidentally, everyone that is involved in the creation of the store has a physical disability. We’re all limited yet working together to try and provide the community with something we ourselves could not find locally. We are doing our best to make this store a wheelchair-friendly environment.” Additionally, the store will have lots of different pride items, such as stickers and magnets. “Our main focus is to create a healthy, open, safe environment where people can go to be themselves.”

To learn more about Capital Crystals, visit their website or Instagram page.


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