Car dealership proposed for Hazeldean Road at Sweetnam

The City of Ottawa has received a site plan control application to build an automotive dealership at 5835 Hazeldean Road.

The property is located on the north side of Hazeldean, across from Sweetnam Drive. It’s sandwiched between Poole Creek to the east, and Fringewood North to the west. The land is currently being used as a large parking/storage area for the Canadian Auto Mall dealership.

Site plan proposed for 5835 Hazeldean Road. Click for larger size.
Site plan proposed for 5835 Hazeldean Road. Click for larger size.

This proposal includes a one story sales and service building of about 5700 square feet, along with a paved parking area for vehicles.

The land is zoned as AM9 – Arterial Mainstreet, which allows for a wide range of uses, including automotive dealerships.

Here’s a summary of the application provided by the City:

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to construct a new one-storey building with mezzanine and inventory parking area for an automobile dealership.

The property is located on the north side of Hazeldean Road, at the intersection of Sweetnam Drive and Hazeldean Road.

The site has a lot area of 9,498 square metres, with 130 metres of frontage along Hazeldean and a lot depth of 74 metres. Poole Creek is located immediately east of the property. Abutting the property to the west is a future pathway that will provide a connection from Hazeldean Road to a future residential subdivision to the north and further to the west is the Fringewood North residential community. The Sweetnam Business Park is situated across the street and along the south side of Hazeldean Road.

The site is currently occupied by a temporary sales office and graveled automotive sales dealership for the Canadian Auto Mall. There is tree cover along, and just beyond the western and eastern site property lines. The existing vehicular access to the site is close to the eastern property line. At this location, Hazeldean Road is a 5-vehicular lane cross-section, with two travel lanes in each direction and one central two-way left-turn lane. There are also bike lanes located on either side of the roadway.

The purpose of the application is to permit the development of an automotive sales dealership. The proposed development includes a 531 square metre, one-storey building with mezzanine, to house a showroom, and a sales and service area. There will be a parking area with 14 dedicated surface parking spaces (including one barrier free space) for the showroom and service centre. This parking area as well as the inventory parking will be paved. Vehicular access to Hazeldean Road will be relocated towards the centre of the site. Two bicycle spaces will be provided at the rear of the building.

Landscaping improvements are proposed around the perimeter of the property, including a 5-metre wide landscape strip along the entire frontage of the lot and 10- metre wide landscape strips along the western and northerly property lines. The landscape buffer along the eastern property line will range from 10-20 metres, providing a continuous 30 metre setback from the inventory parking area to the normal high water mark of Poole Creek. Snow storage areas are proposed along the rear limits of the paved parking area.

You can send comments about the application to Kimberley Baldwin via Please provide comments by November 29, 2016.



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