Carleton-Cathcart Street could see two new homes

The owner (Zayed Kassis) of 11 Carleton-Cathcart Street in Stittsville will be before the Committee of Adjustment on September 4th to request the Consent of the Committee for Conveyances under Section 53 of the Planning Act for files D08-01-19/B-00249 and D08-01-19/B-00250.

The owner wants to demolish the existing dwelling and shed and subdivide his property into two separate parcels of land. This would allow the construction of two, two-storey detached dwellings, with one dwelling on each parcel. He requires the conveyance prior to being able to do so.

Each lot would be 16.61 metres in width, with one lot (D08-01-19/B-00249) being 46.68 metres in depth and the other (D08-01-19/B-00250) 46.29 metres in depth. A minimum lot frontage of 20 metres is required by the zoning by-law. To reduce the minimum lot frontage permitted, a second application to the Committee of Adjustment will be required.

Approval of these applications will have the effect of creating two separate parcels of land. Neither of the parcels will be in conformity with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw and therefore Minor Variance Applications (D08-02-19/A-00237 & D08-02-19/A00238) have been filed and will be heard concurrently with these applications.



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