Cheer Sport Sharks team on their way to world championships in Orlando

Cheer Sports Sharks Finback team, 2015 champions

(Press release from Cheer Sport Sharks)

Cheer Sport Sharks have done it again! At the 2015 Cheer Evolution National Championship in Niagara Falls, two teams for the Stittsville gym placed first in their division.  The Angel and Finback Sharks (pictured above) both placed first in their division and won overall Grand Champion for their level (which means that they had the highest score out of all the team in their level.

The Angel Sharks were the 2014 National Champions and were undefeated again this season. This Level 1 Mini team consists of 23 athletes ranging in age from 6-8 years old.

The Finback Sharks are at the other end of the cheerleading spectrum. They are the oldest team at Cheer Sport Sharks in Ottawa with athletes ranging in age from 16-30 years old. Finback Sharks, a first year team, are in the Level 6 division and competed some gravity defying stunts.

Next week, the Finback Sharks will travel to Orlando, Florida to compete at The Cheerleading Worlds, the Olympics of all-star Cheerleading. The 21 athletes will be the first team from the Cheer Sport Sharks Ottawa gym to win a bid to this prestigious event.

Cheer Sport Sharks took 12 teams from their Ottawa location to Nationals in Niagara Falls. The youth aged (9-11 year old) Speckled Sharks took home 2nd place in their division as did the senior aged (15-18 year old) Whitetip Sharks. Walking away with a bronze metal from their division were the youth aged Piked Sharks, junior aged (12-14 year old) River Sharks and senior aged Pacific Sharks.

Now in its 12th season and with three gym locations in Ontario (Cambridge, Ancaster and Ottawa), the Cheer Sport Sharks have become a recognized and highly respected name in the cheerleading world. This is attributed to their athletes’ accomplishments, which are based on teamwork, dedication and the love of cheer. The 2015-2016 season starts in June with team placements taking place in May.

For those interested in joining Cheer Sport Sharks for what will be another successful and exciting season, please contact us at 1-888-25-CHEER or on our website


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