Chris Scott Real Estate’s ‘Donuts and Santa’ does it again for the Stittsville Food Bank

(Santa along with Chris Scott present the donation cheque from the Chris Scott Real Estate 2nd Annual Fundraiser to the Stittsville Food Bank on December 18, 2021. Photos: Submitted)

Last year was so successful that again this year the Chris Scott team held their 2nd annual fundraiser in support of the Stittsville Food Bank. Mavericks Donuts of Stittsville were in on the day’s excitement by generously donating the donuts that were delivered by Santa.

With the success of last year’s event raising $2,000 for the Stittsville Food Bank, Chris wanted to mark 2021 with the 2nd annual tradition for his fundraiser in partnership with Mavericks Donuts to help out the food bank.

Chris shared with Stittsville Central, “we were back again for our 2nd Annual Stittsville Food Bank Fundraiser and it never ceases to amaze me the support our fundraising initiatives get from the community. We have so much fun spreading Christmas joy while raising funds for such a worthy cause. We look forward to continuing this annual tradition.”

(Santa makes a special delivery of a Mavericks Donuts holiday pack.)

Boxes of Mavericks special holiday six-packs were purchased by several Stittsville families for $50.00 for the fundraiser. Selling out in no time, this annual event has truly become a success.

It was a repeat performance from Santa, as he left his duties at the North Pole behind to volunteer his time delivering the special packages to homes throughout our community.

This year there was a very special contributor to the fundraiser. Cali Hash is a 10-year old has been running a baking business to raise funds for our food bank. When she learned that Chris was matching donations, she got in touch with his team wanting to share her hard-earned cash – knowing it would be matched and going to just the cause she was supporting. Now how special and generous is that!

(10-year old Cali Hash, along with Santa and Chris look like their getting ready to deliver a special package from Maverick’s Donuts.)

With the proceeds from the sale of the donuts and Cali’s contribution, the Chris Scott team were able to match and donate another $2,000 to the Stittsville Food Bank on December 18th.

There is so much generosity in our community of Stittsville from our businesses and residents, we thank you!

Here is a clip of Santa delivering the special Mavericks holiday donuts at the 2020 fundraiser – enjoy!


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